Death, Fire More Disturbing To Sims In 'The Sims 4' Now

Many players of The Sims 4 may be enjoying the new Club gameplay, the world of Windenburg, and everything else the latest expansion has to offer, but developers are still busy fiddling with the game to make it more realistic than ever. Like the Jealousy pass in October, developers of The Sims 4 are tinkering with the way Sims view and react to death and fire.

Previously, some Sims were simply bothered by huge events like fires. A fire could break out nearby and they might not even notice. They would simply continue reading their book or painting while a raging inferno grew in the same room. That seemed a little odd, considering their digital bodies were in mortal danger. Developers opted to fix this by altering their reactions to the blaze in a number of ways.

A Sims guru details the changes to Sims and their new reactions to fire on the official site. Sims will now identify a fire faster than before, and if they discover one, they will notify the rest of the house. After they are aware of the situation, Sims will flee the building in search of safety. Once safe, each Sim will react differently to the situation based on their traits. For example, it is said that evil Sims will laugh about the fire while a gloomy Sim might begin to weep.

The Sims 4
A ghost Sim pretty angry about a fire [Image via The Sims 4]Of course, a fire is not the only thing that can kill or harm a Sim. The Grim Reaper often comes for the souls of Sims when it's their time in The Sims 4. Unfortunately, Sims were not quite reacting the way they should in the presence of the powerful being. Sims will now take notice of the Grim Reaper and watch him reap rather than going about their business. Not to mention, a Sim that is ready to plead with the Grim Reaper for the life of the Sim about to be taken, new interaction options are now available if the Sim can successfully convince Grim to back off.

Sims will react differently upon seeing a dead body, now, instead of defaulting to the immediate act of crying. Based on their relationship to the deceased, Sims will behave differently. The standard weeping will remain for Sims that are close to each other but if a Sim has a negative relationship with the dead, they might even cheer.

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The Grim Reaper takes a Sim from the gym [Image via The Sims 4]The updated reactions to death and fire are definitely welcome. Like the Jealously update, Sims were a little unbelievable before the update. As the Inquisitr reported, Sims could previously cheat on their lovers while they were in the same room. The Jealousy pass fixed that, making it harder for those promiscuous Sims to get away with such blatant infidelity. The Jealousy update also made a distinction between the Sims involved in the romance. Members of a casual relationship will not react as fervently as a married couple, for instance.

In addition to the changes to death and fire, a new patch is now out for The Sims 4. The patch fixed hashtags in the Gallery, rectified a 64-bit client issues, and more. Be sure to check out for the full list of changes. The changes listed for December 17 are rather short, however.

Updates, patches, and regular content are common for The Sims 4. The second and latest expansion, "Get Together," released earlier this month while several other game packs and stuff packs are also available. Free updates, like new features or objects, are often added to the game, as well. In fact, The Sims 4 players received a whole new neighborhood for free earlier this year.

[Image via The Sims 4]