‘The Sims 4’ Developers Detail New Jealousy Trait, Also The Game, And Several Packs, Are On Sale Now

Last month, The Sims 4 updated with a lengthy patch that added the Jealous social trait to the game. A Sim with the Jealous trait get jealous easier than a Sim without it. Hanging around their significant other will buff their Confidence, but after a long absence from their partner, they will get Tense according to the patch notes at EA.com. The trait is definitely a part of human emotion, and in The Sims 4 players can surely have some fun with a jealous Sim.

The whole system of what makes a Sim jealous, though, required a few changes to the way Sims reacted to their surroundings. In a developer post on the official Sims website, developers explained that when the Jealous trait was added they also needed to improve the way Sims saw and reacted to their environments. Previously, a Sim could easily cheat on their lover so long as the significant other did not see it. Even if the partner was in the room while the cheating was happening they could be unaware if their back was to the actual event.

Now, in The Sims 4, it will not be so easy to WooHoo behind a significant other’s back. If they are in the room they may hear the interaction, and jealousy now has a varying degrees. Sims may be a little jealous if their boyfriend or girlfriend chats up another Sim in a flirtatious manner, or a Sim can start a fight if their companion is caught kissing another Sim.

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It is not wise to cheat right in front of your spouse in The Sims 4 [Images via The Sims]
Adding jealously and updates to general awareness in Sims is fascinating stuff for adulterous Sims, but not everyone will benefit from those kinds of emotions. With Halloween in just a few days, Origin and The Sims 4 are ready to celebrate with a decent sale on select game packs that everyone can enjoy. Even The Sims 4 itself is on sale during The Zomboss Invasion sale on Origin.

The Sims 4 is currently 40 percent off at a $35.99 price, while four of the game’s packs are also discounted. The Digital Deluxe edition of The Sims 4 and the standalone Digital Deluxe Upgrade are also on sale for 40 percent off. They are $41.99 and $8.99 respectively, giving new players or existing players a way to enjoy the benefits of the Digital Deluxe edition. The first expansion pack, “Get to Work,” is 25 percent off at $29.99 and two game packs for The Sims 4 are also marked down.

“Outdoor Retreat” and “Spa Day” are both 25 percent off at $14.99 each while the latest stuff pack is also on sale. For $7.49, players can pick up the “Spooky Stuff” pack; also 25 percent off the normal retail price. All of these sales can be viewed in The Sims 4 section of The Zomboss sale on Origin. According to the site, the sales will end on November 3. Many more titles available on Origin are discounted for the duration of the sale. Be sure to check them all out before they are gone.

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A few holiday favorites in the “Spooky Stuff” pack for The Sims 4 [Images via The Sims]
The “Spooky Stuff” pack discount is especially welcome considering the holiday season. Not to mention, “Spooky Stuff” just released about a month ago and it is the most recent addition to The Sims 4. As the Inquisitr reported, “Spooky Stuff” adds a variety of costumes, decorations for the home, and much more. The pack also lets players throw spooky parties and allows Sims to create pumpkins at the Pumpkin Carving Station. There is even a Spooky Candy Bowl ready to scare up some fun. A few new floors and wall options are also a part of the “Spooky Stuff” pack making it a good well-rounded pack for any buyer.

[Images via The Sims]

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