‘The Sims 4’ Is Now Ready For Halloween With The Release Of The ‘Spooky Stuff’ Pack

Put on a superhero, fairy, or ninja costume and let your Sims celebrate the Halloween season right now with the latest stuff pack for The Sims 4. The “Spooky Stuff” pack is out now and it gives Sims a chance to throw spooky parties, carve pumpkins with the new Pumpkin Carving Station, or even get startled by the new Spooky Candy Bowl.

The “Spooky Stuff” pack includes a number of costumes for Sims to wear, too. Sims can dress up as a pirate, a gladiator, a fairy, a ninja, a princess, and a few others for their latest spooky party or any time of the year if they would like. A few of the available costumes can be previewed on The Sims 4 official Twitter account where the “Spooky Stuff” pack’s availability was announced. Ripped leggings, spider web leggings, and other individual costume pieces like boots and necklaces are also available. The stuff pack also includes new decorations and other build mode objects. Cob webs, ghost displays, fake cauldrons, creepy paintings, and more are included in The Sims 4 pack. A few pieces of tattered furniture and darkly colored floors and wall options are also available.

The Sims 4
Pumpkin carving in The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff pack

Two new objects from the “Spooky Stuff” pack, detailed on the The Sims 4 website, also give a bit of additional gameplay to the game. The Pumpkin Carving Station lets Sims create festive carved pumpkins to display around their home or business. These pumpkins can even be used by ghost Sims as candlelit hats while mischievous Sims can smash them to ruin the holiday for everyone. The Spooky Candy Bowl is perfect for the new spooky party type. The bowl just might frighten the Sims that dare put their hands inside.

Players eager to start the Halloween celebration early can pick up the “Spooky Stuff” pack right now for $9.99. It is, obviously, available on Origin for players that own The Sims 4. It is likely to be purchasable from websites like Amazon via online game code at a later date. The pack is the only way to get access to the new costumes, objects, and items; however, the trick and treat conversation options were added in a game update. Any Sim can trick or treat their friends or foes with the latest update. The interactions even provide buffs to the Sims involved based on which action is chosen.

The Sims 4
A ghost scaring up a friend in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 adds another stuff pack, game pack, or expansion pack nearly every month. Last month players were treated to “Cool Kitchen Stuff” pack containing sleek new appliances, a few new looks for Sims, and the brand new ice cream maker object. Of course, the “Spooky Stuff” pack releases in late September with a theme suited for the entire month of October. In the month of November, players have the “Get Together” expansion to anticipate. The second expansion to The Sims 4 gives players the opportunity to create social circles called clubs where Sims might act more like their peers rather than themselves.

The “Get Together” expansion pack will also introduce a new world called Windenburg, add the DJ skill, add the dancing skill, and host new walk-in closets. The entirely new world of Windenburg gives Sims and players a new village-like setting to build new venues or use existing ones to party the night away. Players can run clubs with rules encouraging members to act a certain way, require a dress code, or even battle with a rival club. Not to mention, as the Inquisitr reported, new Woo-Hoo locations, bonfires, and changes to parties are all included in the “Get Together” expansion, making it the perfect expansion for social butterflies.

Will you be celebrating the Halloween season with the “Spooky Stuff” pack for The Sims 4?

[Images via The Sims 4]