LeBron James And Jason Day’s Wife Update: Ellie Day Out Of Hospital, Told LeBron She’s Okay After Courtside Crash [Video]

There was a scary moment during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Thursday night game when LeBron James dove for a loose ball. As seen in the below video, James accidentally pummeled Ellie Harvey-Day, wife to famous golfer Jason Day, when LeBron went for the ball. Of course, it’s not the first time LeBron has been concerned about the safety of fans sitting courtside. LeBron previously told a pregnant woman sitting courtside that she should have a “do not disturb” sign on her because James didn’t want to crash into the pregnant lady. However, fans mistook LeBron’s words for flirting, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The new video of LeBron crashing into Ellie is going viral online on Friday, December 18, with the scary footage showing James’ big body crashing nearly full speed into the row of fans. Day goes down to the ground as LeBron can’t stop himself from the momentum sending James forward into the Days.

As reported by ESPN, LeBron ran into Ellie during the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday, December 17 in Cleveland. It was a crash that has controversy erupting over the NBA’s decision to let fans sit so close to the courtside action.

After getting crashed into by LeBron, Day’s wife Ellie left the courtside seats on a stretcher with her neck stabilized in a brace. According to an update about the James-Day game crash from the Guardian, Ellie was released from the hospital. Day was treated at the hospital on Thursday and released early Friday morning.

LeBron’s accidental injuring of Ellie has opened up a new debate over basketball players being expected to chase loose balls while fans are allowed to sit so close to the court.

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LeBron talked with Ellie while EMT helped Day during the game’s pause. James said he was able to touch Day’s hand and talk with Ellie. LeBron was able to find out if Day was okay after the courtside collision. In addition to saying that Ellie feeling tired after the unintentional crash, LeBron James also spoke of hating the fact that going for a loose ball meant that it resulted in crashing into Jason’s wife.

“I squeezed her hand and she said she was OK. She was just a little weary. Hopefully, she is doing well. The guys told me she’s doing great now. For me, just going for a loose ball, tried to keep the possession going, I just hate that that was the end result.”

It was a crash from LeBron into a sea of courtside people that left James shaken up prior to learning that Ellie was okay. Although James helped lead the Cavs to their 104-100 win over the Thunder on Thursday night, with 33 points garnered by James alone, LeBron appeared visibly upset after the win until he received the update that Day was okay.

Ellie was awake and talking as Jason went with Day to the ambulance. Ellie was taken to MetroHealth hospital for treatment.

On Twitter, LeBron reached out to Ellie once more, with James tweeting his hopes and wishes that Day was okay — and that Ellie and Jason return soon for another basketball game. Whether Ellie and Jason should sit in courtside seats once more is an issue that NBA big wigs will likely examine.


“Ellie Day I hope you’re doing okay! My apologies! Hope u guys come back to another game soon. Love LJ!”

James related that if Ellie had been pregnant, such as Day was not long ago prior to Ellie giving birth only weeks ago to her second child with Jason, LeBron would’ve jumped over the row and avoided Day. It’s a concern that worries people like Cavs coach David Blatt.

“Honestly, the only thing I saw was LeBron diving for the ball to save the ball. I kind of got blocked and just saw a sea of bodies. We all hope that she’s OK. It’s always concerned me, the sideline seats. Because things like that, when you’re talking about players of this speed and physicality and effort level, it’s not a simple thing. The powers that be are the ones that really need to decide how to deal with that. He made an honest attempt at the basketball.”

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