Vladimir Putin Calls Donald Trump ‘Bright, Outstanding And Talented’

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has praised Donald Trump as a “bright and talented”man, according to The News Telegraph. Putin added that the real estate mogul and presidential hopeful is “outstanding.”

The inscrutable Russian leader is also in the news for finally admitting that he sent troops to critical areas of the Ukraine to participate in the conflict, reports The Telegraph. The admission follows “nearly two years of denials that Russian servicemen were involved in the conflict there.”

When challenged by a Ukrainian journalist about his disingenuous approach, Putin claimed:

“We never said that there weren’t people there dealing with certain tasks, including in the military sphere.”

Speaking about Trump, the controversial Putin opined that “[Trump] is absolutely the leader in the presidential race.”


The admiration is definitely mutual — Trump has previously stated “I would get along great with Putin” and told the press that Putin should be allowed to intervene in the Syrian war as he sees fit, even if it means Putin propping up hated leader Assad and establishing a foothold for himself in the critical middle east region.

Many believe that Putin is not to be trusted and that the Russian leader often acts and speaks with an ulterior motive. A recent article by Daily Sabah described the underhanded tactics Putin allegedly uses in the military sphere. It is claimed that the Russian leader instructs his pilots to fly illegally into foreign territory so he can gather information about flight infrastructure and “gauge the reaction” of his foreign enemies.

Could Putin have an ulterior motive in praising Donald Trump? Certainly, it makes sense that the Russian leader would like to see a friendly and permissive face in the White House, especially at a time when Russia is so eager to make aggressive territorial claims and increase its influence in the middle east.

Trump responded to Putin’s new comments with his own praise, talking about how “respected” Putin is and declaring his hope that the U.S. and Russia can collaborate on military affairs, as well as trade (Trump probably means oil trade) issues.

Trump has previously spoken to the press saying that a critical part of defeating ISIS will involve “cutting off their funding.” The controversial and militaristic presidential candidate supports a ground war in Syria, and is in favor of seizing the oil in the critical middle east region for America’s benefit, and to prevent ISIS and other terrorists from capitalizing on it.

Putin also spoke out against Turkey, who he accuses of shooting down one of his planes as it flew near the Turkish-Syrian border. Putin declared that Turkey has “decided to lick the Americans in a certain place,” and that Turkey is working with the U.S. and against him. Putin has issued sanctions against Turkey and slammed the United States for leaking details about his military flight path to Turkey, who then used the information to down the Russian jet.

The New York Times reports that Putin also used the colorful press conference to praise the head of FIFA, saying that “that man deserves a Nobel Prize.”


Should the U.S. cooperate with Russia? Is Vladimir Putin a useful ally of Donald Trump’s?

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images