One Direction Christmas Disappointments -- Harry Styles Wanted Batman Pajamas, Liam Payne: 'I Got My Sister's Old Bike!'

Forget the halls, One Direction have decked their own gym-sculpted bodies with boughs of holly (as well as lines of reindeer, wreaths of glittery foliage, a snowman, and the open-mouthed visage of Saint Nick himself), donning some cuddly printed Christmas jumpers and opening up for the camera as they reveal their worst Christmas memories to Text Santa.

"Everyone has that story about that present they wanted but didn't get," Niall Horan reflects as the One Direction guys share snippets of their worst Christmas memories for the ITV charity appeal, which seeks donations to help families in difficulty at Christmas time, and which this year has also found celebrity endorsers in singer Alesha Dixon and presenter (and Harry Styles ex) Caroline Flack.
Louis Tomlinson recalls wanting a flip-phone during his Christmases as a young boy in the '90s but instead getting what was then mockingly called "a brick" (a very large brick-like mobile phone). Harry Styles wanted Batman pajamas but was disappointed to find Spiderman pajamas, gifted to young Harry by a rushed or careless relative who lacked the superhero-savvy to know the difference.
"Batman pajamas...I really wanted 'em."
Liam Payne had a couple of awkward Christmas memories to share. The quiffed heartthrob recalls having to wait at the top of the stairs while his mum prepared the camcorder on Christmas morning. It seems Liam's mum (a woman reportedly prone to spells of nostalgia and deep emotion -- Harry Styles once quipped "I've never once seen Karen Payne without tears") was so eager to get that "spontaneous" shot of her children running down the stairs in pajamas that she ordered them to wait while she made preparations. And it got worse for Liam -- he was hoping to find a new bike in the living room but instead unwrapped what must have been a promising-looking bike-shaped package only to find his sister's old bike, a "glittery monstrosity," re-gifted to him.
Niall Horan arguably comes out the best, revealing that he wanted a particular pair of football boots that were never given to them. There is a peer-pressure-based twist to the tale -- come January the young Niall turned up to class and observed with dismay that everybody else had been given a pair of the sought-after boots.

Alesha Dixon filmed her own ITV Text Santa appearance in London on Thursday, as reported by the Daily Mail. Alesha spoke to Loose Women about her Text Santa and Macmillan Cancer support, as reported by ITV.

"I've seen firsthand how cancer affects people and it's heartbreaking...[Macmillan] are incredible...They are just sensational."
This year the Text Santa appeal is supporting Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-A-Wish UK, and Save the Children. The organization promises that "100% of all donations will be split between these three incredible charities."

In other One Direction news, fans were treated to a final group appearance shortly after Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson officially began their break. The boys appeared in one of James Corden's popular carpool karaokes, singing hits like "Drag Me Down," "Perfect," and "Best Song Ever" and even recording a "video" for popular One Direction song "No Control" which spawned a fan-made music video but never an official one.

Other highlights included Niall Horan's admission that he would "marry Selena Gomez," Harry Styles' recreation of his celebrated "Drag Me Down" high notes, Louis Tomlinson's story about a creepy fan who attends to his smallest whim, and the moment when Liam Payne's butt is almost set on fire by a heating vent set to full-blast when Harry kicks the control with his boot.

The lyrics of James Corden's impressive "Drag Me Down" rap (Louis Tomlinson praised the Late Late Show host for his "flow") have just been transcribed and posted on social media.

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(Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)