Shaker Heights Yearbook Cover Hidden Message says: F**K Y’ALL! (PHOTOS)

By now most of you have heard about the Shaker Heights Yearbook Cover containing a secret message encoded into the cover art.

Shaker Heights Yearbook Cover

shaker heights yearbook coverThe student who was chosen to design the Shaker Heights Yearbook cover took the opportunity to play a joke on his school and the other students by scrawling a secret message into the artwork that was obscured by making it look like random lines in the drawing. But upon closer inspection, you start to notice letters.

Then when you turn the book upside down and look a little closer, the words “fuck y all” are right there in plain view.

Shaker Heights Yearbook Cover Hidden Message

shaker heights yearbook cover hidden messageShaker Heights school printed and distributed the yearbooks to a number of students and their familire but quickly got reports of the offensive message encoded into the cover. The school principal immediately drafted a letter and sent it to parents, asking them to return their Shaker Heights yearbooks in exchange for a replacement with the message covered up. A formal apology from both the school principal and the student who designed the yearbook cover accompanied the recall letter.

The student’s apology for ruining the Shaker Heights yearbook cover is as follows:

” I cannot begin to explain the miserable feeling I brought upon myself, when I betrayed the trust of all of you. I apologize for offending anyone and everyone. It is unfortunate that I did not recognize the big responsibility and honor given to me when asked to design the cover of the Shaker Heights yearbook. I offer my sincere apologies.”

While many parents and students are returning their yearbooks for the replacement books, some have decided to hang on to their copies as keepsakes.