‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ivy Confronts Steffy And Connects With Liam, Sasha Saunters, And Zende And Nicole Struggle

There are some interesting moments ahead on Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that Liam will be talking with Ivy as things get awkward for Nicole and Zende. What can viewers expect from the December 17 show?

As B&B fans saw on Wednesday’s episode, Ivy called the police after Steffy was at the boathouse. When Liam found out about the confrontation, he tore into Steffy, but they worked through it and were talking about their wedding plans until Lieutenant Baker showed up and arrested her.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from She Knows Soaps detail that Liam will reach out to Ivy to try to smooth things over regarding Steffy. The preview for Thursday’s show teases an interesting part of this upcoming conversation that viewers will be anxious to see in full. There will be a confrontation between Ivy and Steffy, with both Liam and Wyatt in the mix, and later Liam tells Steffy he is determined to sort this all out.

Liam will go to talk with Ivy, surely to get her to back down on her anger toward Steffy. During the conversation, Ivy will ask Liam where he thinks they would be as a couple if Steffy hadn’t returned to town. While Ivy has said she is in love with Wyatt and she fooled around with Thomas, is she ultimately still hung up on Liam? How will Liam react to her question? Are her lingering feelings for Liam part of what is driving her determination to see Steffy as evil and dangerous?

While Ivy has been grateful for Wyatt’s support, many B&B fans feel as if she isn’t truly in love with him. If she does indeed reveal that she is still in love with Liam, or at least is truly wistful over what could have been, this could lead to some interesting shifts.

Soap Central teases that soon viewers will see Liam hit his limit on the Steffy and Ivy drama. Liam and Steffy may be talking about wedding plans right now, but viewers may not want to count on seeing the two walk down the aisle. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers seemingly tease a bit of a shift on Liam’s part, as he is said to become upset over how he sees Steffy treat Ivy and the couple may not be able to work through this one.

Also ahead on Thursday’s show is more with Zende and Nicole. They have been planning a big evening together, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that something will happen that brings a halt to the romance. Nicole’s pregnancy has already been causing some awkward moments, and it seems there is more of that on the way. Sasha is also popping up in this episode, clearly intent on making a mark within Forrester Creations.

This week is slated to bring more drama with Thomas, Ridge, and Caroline as well, and Maya will pick up on the trouble brewing between Zende and Nicole because of the pregnancy. There’s certainly more to come regarding Sasha’s arrival in town as well, and viewers are curious to see just what is going on between Sasha and Julius.

Will the relationships between Ivy and Wyatt as well as between Liam and Steffy ultimately fall apart over all of this drama? Viewers will have to stay tuned to see what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images]