December 17, 2015
'Fallout 4' Hints & Tips: Underwater Secrets Revealed, How To Explore The Game's Expansive Underground World

A multitude of Fallout 4 hints and tips are hitting the internet, helping players with everything from leveling up to building the perfect settlement, and now a new fan exploration is allowing players to explore an expansive underwater world hidden within the game.

With millions of players exploring the vast world created for Fallout 4, there are not many unexplored areas left. But one fan has detailed a largely hidden world within the game's aquatic regions. The findings were compiled in a series of pictures that has gained plenty of fan attention online, with a map to help players find exactly where to go.

The Fallout 4 hints for finding this world were published in the International Business Times, which hinted that the world could be part of some future DLC from the game's maker.

"While Bethesda has not hinted on any kind of planned DLCs involving underwater action in 'Fallout 4,' there have been previous findings that suggest that the developer had looked into it before. For instance, there was the harpoon-like weapon hidden in the files and appeared to have been excluded from the final list of weapons.
For fans interested in learning more about the underwater world, Kotaku has compiled some of the images from this world and hints on how to find it.

The bulk of the underwater exploration in Fallout 4 has come from one player, Lavon Smith, who has spent countless hours exploring and documenting what goes on underwater. He even compiled these images on imgur that also contains locations of underwater landmarks like the wreckage of a downed airplane.

But Smith cautioned players that while the findings may be interesting, there is nothing yet to suggest a major impact on Fallout 4.

"If you are looking for special items, new easter eggs and an underwater vault. Then you will be disappointed with what you find here," he wrote. "You will find various safes, chest and other locked boxes to loot. Nothing extreme. Some are things you would not normally see and are neat to visit."

The tips for exploring the underwater world of Fallout 4 comes amid a number of other hints hitting the internet. One of the biggest one to come out this week is a step-by-step guide on how to level-up. Some were simple, like holstering the weapon when running. Though this seems like a common-sense tip, Gotta Be Mobile explained that it makes a big difference.

"First off, you won't die as much because you'll be able to get out of tricky situations. Dying less means more time for questing, crafting, and you guessed it, leveling. And second, it means you'll be able to get around the map faster.

"That means more combat and faster questing. And both of those are going to give you the experience points used to level up your character."

The report also suggested hacking terminals to open locked doors and reveal story elements. It also told players to pick every lock, as there are safes everywhere across the map.

It also divulged the best time to save.

"When you initiate a conversation with a character, you may notice a response that's colored differently than the rest of the options.

"If a dialogue choice is colored yellow, you have a good chance at success. Success could mean convincing someone to give up before a fight or getting someone to give you more caps for a job. If it's orange or red, it's going to be much harder to succeed and you'll need to up your Charisma."

Players still working their way through Fallout 4 will find plenty more tips and hints on the internet, with new reports seemingly every day as players find new aspects and tricks to navigate through the vast world. Those interested in exploring underwater on Fallout 4 can click here for maps and directions of where to go.

[Image via Fallout 4 screenshot/Kotaku]