FAU ‘Nutty Professor’ To Be Sacked? Florida Conspiracy Theorist Who Harassed Sandy Hook Family Over ‘Fake’ Death Of Son Given Notice

A Florida professor is facing termination for his ongoing harassment of a family whose son died in the Sandy Hook massacre.

James Tracy is a college instructor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a four-year coeducational doctoral degree-granting university with five satellite locations, including the main campus in Boca Raton. On Wednesday, Tracy received an intent to fire letter for insisting the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax and his belief that the family played an integral part, according to a New York Daily News report.

“In light of numerous requests from media outlets and the public, the University makes the following statement:

“Today, James Tracy, an associate professor in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, was served a Notice of Proposed Discipline —Termination by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at Florida Atlantic University.”

As part of the school’s collective bargaining process, university officials gave the beleaguered educator 10 days to respond to the allegations outlined in the notice. After that time, “final action may be taken.” The communication arrived on the heels of a notable update in the history of this case.

The Sun Sentinel published an op-Ed on behalf of the family. In the piece, Noah’s parents, Lenny and Veronique Pozner, lashed out at the mania exhibited by the relentless professor.

“In fact, Tracy is among those who have personally sought to cause our family pain and anguish by publicly demonizing our attempts to keep cherished photos of our slain son from falling into the hands of conspiracy theorists. Tracy even sent us a certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived, that we were his parents and that we were the rightful owner of his photographic image.”

Noah was 6-years-old at the time he and 20 other hapless children were brutally gunned down by 20-year-old Adam Lanza. The shooter, armed to the teeth, stormed Sandy Hook Elementary on December 12, 2012, and unleashed a volley of gunfire. Six staff members at the school also perished before Lanza took his life later after the siege. Police say he also murdered his mother before the rampage.

In his blog, the Florida professor set his sights on a conspiracy theory that suggested President Barack Obama used the shooting as a smokescreen for his radical policy change proposals on gun control. Tracy insists the president’s strategy was to use the tragedy to advance his quest to circumvent the Second Amendment. The FAU professor also made this wild assertion: Noah Pozner never existed; he like others, was a character actor.

Tracy was a regular contributor to the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, where he launched targeted attacks against the family.

“The Pozners, alas, are as phony as the drill itself, and profiting handsomely from the fake death of their son,” he said a post entry.

Monday marked the three-year anniversary of the mass murder in Connecticut. The professor, who reportedly operated the site, Memoryhole.com, published the post “Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud” and continued to rant about the so-called conspiracy, according to the Hartford Courant. The link to the site shows it is not in operation or is experiencing technical difficulties.

When Tracy begin his targeted rant in 2013, Florida Atlantic issued him a reprimand, but only because he failed to mention the school’s views are not represented in his blog posts. Since then, several family members have pulled their children’s applications for enrollment. At least one student withdrew from his class. Further still, a donor revoked their financial support from the school’s history department.

Should Professor James Tracy be fired, or is his so-called theory of a Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy protected under free speech?

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