The ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Game By Google Is Great Fun

Ok, so there’s a Star Wars game created by Google, and it’s incredible. Click on the link here to play the game called “Lightsaber Escape,” where you can use your phone to control an on-screen lightsaber and battle hoards of Stormtroopers.

All you do is visit the site and sync your phone by typing in a specified web address into your mobile browser. Shortly after, your phone and screen perfectly calibrate so that you’re ready to play the game.

After a short training session where you learn how to deflect blaster shots by moving your phone left and right, you’re sent through the works by battling troves of storm troopers. The sound effects are incredible, and the action is intense.

It’s definitely one of the cooler releases leading up to the new Star Wars movie. The Telegraph reports that there have been many other Star Wars-themed easter eggs popping up on many different platforms. For instance, Facebook users can add a lightsaber to their profile picture for a specified time to show their love of a galaxy far, far away.

If you’re particularly sensitive to reading spoilers, Google has released a free Chrome extension called “Force Block,” which bans all spoiler-sensitive material from your browser.

Spotify has even had a fun feature where they can figure out your Star Wars persona according to your listening history. For instance, if you’re more into rock music, then your persona would most likely be a stormtrooper.

Outside of this charming online game, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is already making headlines. The movie has already made $100 million in pre-sales, which already pays for half the budget of the film. The fact that millions of people already bought tickets prior to any reviews is testament to their excitement and faith in Disney and J.J. Abrams.

According to UPI,Star Warssmashed the previous record-holder, which was The Dark Knight Rises. The popular Batman film only made about $25 million in pre-sales.

“The advance ticket sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens are beyond what anyone could’ve anticipated,” said Disney executive Dave Hollis in a statement. “Let alone for a December release, but with that said, theaters not only have millions of tickets available for this weekend, but they also in most cases have the ability to add shows and screens according to demand.”

Whether The Force Awakens will make more money than Avatar(the current highest-grossing movie of all time) remains to be seen.

J.J. recently sat down with the L.A. Times to talk about his next film.

“The thing that drew me in was this idea that there was this young woman out there in this vast universe who, 30 years after “Jedi,” might not know who Luke Skywalker is or might not know… that he was real or might not understand that she lives in a ‘Star Wars’ universe. You know, what is it to live in the remnants of what we’ve seen?”

When asked about whether financial success will be enough for J.J., this is what he had to say.

“The financial aspect of it – it can’t be that, or even the reviews of it. Of course everyone hopes that all of that stuff is good. There are a few people whose opinions of what this is matter most – my wife primary among them, who is so horribly honest about things that it’s the worst when it goes south. She holds nothing back.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases tomorrow to audiences in the United States.

[Image via Google Chrome]