Ben Affleck’s Mom Intervenes In His Divorce From Jennifer Garner, Insists Estranged Couple Try Counseling

Those who would love nothing more than seeing Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner get back together again can rest assured knowing Affleck’s mom is on their side. According to a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Affleck’s mother, Christine Boldt, is not happy about her son’s divorce with Garner and is even advising the two to try counseling in order to work through their marital issues.

Boldt’s displeasure with her son was apparently elevated following reports of Affleck’s continued partying and cheating, despite Garner’s willingness to reconcile. In particular, Affleck’s mom is disappointed with all of the rumors regarding Affleck’s extra-marital activities, which includes a relationship with Sienna Miller and Abigail Kuklis.

Meanwhile, according to the Parent Herald, Boldt and Garner have a close relationship with each other, which makes the reports about her disappointment with Affleck appear valid. In fact, Boldt has always been in favor of her son’s marriage to Garner and now wants the two to work things out and remain together, no matter what that might entail.

Evidence of a close friendship between Boldt and Garner came in a recent sighting of the two over the Thanksgiving holiday. During their holiday outing, which took place in L.A. and included Garner’s daughter, Seraphina, the two appeared to be in good spirits and even laughed with each other as they strolled along the streets of L.A.

The recent sighting of Boldt spending time with Garner follows reports that Ben Affleck was seen holding hands with Miller. Although nothing official was released on the matter, many began to question Affleck’s desire to work things out with Garner. At the same time, additional reports indicate that Affleck has also been seeing his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice co-star Abigail Kuklis.

At this time, neither Affleck nor Garner have commented on the rumors surrounding their highly public divorce. Apart from their official statement that was released earlier this year, the two have kept a tight lid on their personal lives.

As fans will recall, Affleck and Garner released a statement announcing their divorce this past summer after 10 years of marriage. While the couple did not outline specific reasons why they decided to end their relationship, they did mention that they planned to remain friends for the sake of their children.

Although Boldt is clearly unhappy with her son’s decision to break up with Garner, it is not clear how much influence she holds over the Batman v Superman star and if she will be able to convince him to stay with Garner. Either way, Boldt is advising the two to take up counseling in order to save their marriage. Whether or not they chose to take her advice is yet to be seen.

Interestingly, despite all of the rumors surrounding their divorce, Garner and Affleck have yet to sign the official court documents that would finalize the deal. Given the fact that it has been months since the divorce announcement was made official, there is a small hope that the two are considering working things out.

In fact, according to People, the two stars are planning on spending the upcoming holidays under the same roof. Although the reasons why they are choosing to remain together have not been made known, it is clear that their kids are one reason the two have been spotted spending time together.

“Jen and Ben are figuring out right now how they can best spend the holidays together,” an inside source told the outlet. “They are a unit. They are all about the kids and making sure they are okay. They are committed to parenting together.”

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[Photo by Paul H. Hebert/Invision/AP Images]