Taylor Swift Certain Niall Horan Will Finally Get BFF Selena Gomez Away From Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift is not a fan of Justin Bieber, and that has been obvious for years. Now that her best friend Selena Gomez is reportedly dating Niall Horan, sources say that Swift is very hopeful this will finally be what gets Selena to move on from Justin. These two have got back together more than once, and Taylor is ready for her best friend to be happy and without Bieber in her life.

Hollywood Life shared the details about how Taylor has high hopes that this will be the end of Selena and Justin. She thinks Selena deserves to be treated right and to be happy just like she is in her relationship.

Taylor dated Harry Styles from One Direction before, so people were a bit concerned she might not be okay with Selena dating Niall Horan. That is not the case at all, though, and Taylor Swift is totally okay with this new relationship. A source close to the situation shared how Taylor feels about it all right now.

“Taylor has nothing but respect for Niall and thinks he’s totally boyfriend material. She’s so happy that Selena is giving him a chance and she has big hopes that this could be a longterm thing for them.”

Of course, Taylor Swift wants her best friend Selena Gomez to be happy. Taylor doesn’t think that Justin Bieber is the one to make her that way, though. The source revealed a bit more.

“At the very least [Taylor]’s hoping that Niall will help Selena get over Justin once and for all. Taylor is so happy and in love with Calvin she wants the same thing for her best friend.”

TMZ even shared recently that Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, is getting along with her family really well too. Taylor had a dinner for her 26th birthday with her parents at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills, and Calvin was by her side. This was the first time Calvin and Taylor had been pictured together in a long time, and it looked like everything was just fine between them.

Taylor Swift is doing great with Calvin Harris, and it is great that she wants the same thing for her best friend. Hollywood Life also shared that Taylor Swift’s best friend Selena missed Taylor’s birthday party, which could have caused some problems between the two, but so far it seems like they are doing fine.

A source shared that Taylor Swift doesn’t care Selena missed her birthday to spend time with Niall Horan. She was actually just fine with it and encouraged Selena to spend time on her new relationship. Taylor is just being a good friend and wants what is best for Selena. Taylor Swift is just fine with this relationship. Hopefully, things will end up working out with Selena and Niall.

Now that rumors are flying that Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian are hooking up and Selena has a new man, it looks like these two might finally be moving on from each other. For the first time in a long time, it looks like Taylor might get her wish and Selena and Justin might be over. Justin and Selena always seem to go back together, so you never know. It might finally be time for them to move on to someone new and stick with it.

Are you surprised to hear how happy Taylor Swift is that her best friend Selena might be finally moving on? Do you think that Taylor has finally found the perfect match for herself? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about these two high-profile couples.

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