Rachel Bloom’s Golden Globe Nomination: ‘I Could Be Covered In Feces And Still Be Jubilant’

Rachel Bloom has received her very first Golden Globe nomination for her very first television show, and she is beyond thrilled. She might even be a little too thrilled. The nomination is for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series. She is the co-creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriends, and Entertainment Weekly reveals how happy Bloom is about the nomination.

“This is crazy, I’m pretty punch drunk. I haven’t had coffee, I haven’t eaten, I haven’t showered. I finished filming at midnight last night, and I was so tired… I’m the most disgusting, smelly person, and it’s glorious. I could be covered in feces right now and still be jubilant.”

Feces? Really? Rachel Bloom is one happy lady. And she will be dining on steak soon with Gina Rodriguez, who won in the same category last year.

Bloom spoke of the time she met Rodriguez.

“When I first met Gina at the upfronts, she said, ‘Oh, you’re going to be nominated for a Golden Globe, and if you are, you owe me a steak dinner.’ I guess I owe her a steak now, which I’m happy to do! I’m going to take Gina out for steak. That’ll be fun.”

E! Online also reports that Rachel Bloom said she is honored to be listed with her fellow nominees, who include Jamie Lee Curtis for Scream Queens, Gina Rodriguez for Jane the Virgin, Lily Tomlin for Grace & Frankie, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep.

“There’s so much good television right now. We’re in a golden age of television and so for me to get on a list with the other people with whom I’m nominated is unbelievable and so flattering to me. I’m just so honored to be mentioned with them.”

How did Rachel Bloom rise to fame so quickly? The same way many celebrities do these days – via YouTube! A.V. Club reports that Bloom started out by posting music videos, such as “You Can Touch My Boobies” and “F*** Me, Ray Bradbury,” on YouTube.

Bloom said, “F*** Me, Ray Bradbury” gained views quickly.

“It was insane. I learned how to use Twitter, and I posted it and I remember going about my day, and then I watched the view count climb, and then I’d Google it and I’d see articles come up. And I remember that night I saw that Neil Gaiman tweeted about it and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ That was crazy. Then the day after that it was on Wired, Io9, Huffington Post… it was very surreal. I remember I spent the whole day after it responding to Facebook messages of people saying, ‘Great video!'”

Being a musical TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriends has a lot of music in it, like “The Sexy Getting Ready Song.”

Part of what Rachel Bloom likes to do is contrast happy and dark, as she told the Washington Post in a phone interview last month.

“From the beginning, my own personal tastes have been to play in the juxtaposition of very, very, very happy things and very dark things. Especially when you’re doing a musical and playing upon the musical tropes, there are happy tropes. So to get that comedic contrast, you want the subject to be weird and dark. When we created the show and we wanted to take a nuanced look at ‘what does crazy ex-girlfriend mean,’ someone who quote-unquote becomes crazy over love, chances are it’s that they’re unhappy in their own lives.”

Rachel Bloom has certainly succeeded in the musical contrast that has made her show and her character, Rebecca Bunch, so popular. Good luck at the Golden Globes, Rachel Bloom!

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