Facing Money Shortages Democratic National Committee Moves Opener of Convention

The Democratic National Convention’s host committee has decided to move the opening event from Charlotte Motor Speedway to a venue in downtown Charlotte. Planners say it is because the Speedway is not as close to the city, but it looks like money is the real reason for the move.

The Democratic National Committee’s host committee, Charlotte in 2012 said in a statement,

“CarolinaFest 2012 is a family-friendly, Labor Day celebration and convention week kick-off event that (will now be) centered in the middle of convention-related activities and will bring more Americans than ever before directly into the heart of convention activity,”

The committee also says it is about logistics and making sure people will get better use out of public transportation. Yet Bloomberg is reporting that the Democratic Convention is facing a $27 million dollar funding deficit.

Unlike their Republican counterparts the Democrats have banned corporation from contributing directly to the convention. The committee has raised about $10 million, far behind their $36.6 million dollar goal.

The convention is typically a four day event but the committee has already reduced it to three. As of now the fourth day will be reserved to celebrate the Carolinas, Virginia and the South.

The convention is being held in downtown Charlotte with President Obama scheduled to accept the nomination on the third day of the convention. The Department of Homeland Security is giving the committee a grant of $50 million dollars to handle the security of the event. They are giving Republicans the same amount for their convention in Tampa. The Republican convention is being held there at the end of August.