PlayStation 4 Games: Sony President Shuhei Yoshida Says There Are 'Too Many'?

Prepare yourselves: more PlayStation 4 games are coming. According to Sony President Shuhei Yoshida, there are too many being planned just for 2016.

Most gamers are likely thinking the exact opposite. While there are numerous indie titles being released for the PS4 on a regular basis, the number of major releases actually looks underwhelming. Some of us are so starved for something new in major releases that we're actually anticipating older titles being ported to keep us busy.

One game re-released in the past month was the RPG fan-favorite classic Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix's port will definitely bring back a feeling of nostalgia if you're old enough to have owned the original PlayStation version. Of course, the game has more than enough to do to keep even the most hardcore fan busy for probably months, as well as secret controls that make it a little less time consuming.

Other recent PlayStation 4 games having been ported with upscaled graphics include three Grand Theft Auto titles and five more fan favorites, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Sadly, it doesn't appear that some of our favorite PS3 franchise titles will get the remastered treatment after all. BioShock and the Batman: Arkham prequels were both teased for release this month, and neither has made an appearance in the PlayStation Store yet. Following the ports of Prototype, its disappointing sequel, and the remaster of Dishonored, some of us had high hopes that remain unconfirmed.

In a recent livestream from Tokyo, in cooperation with local magazine Dengeki, Shuhei Yoshida claimed that there are "way too many" PlayStation 4 games to handle in the coming year. To prove his point, Dual Shockers reports, he announced the handful of major titles below.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Dark Soul III, Persona 5, NiOh, Final Fantasy XV, New Hot Shots Golf, The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2, and Dreams were revealed for release in 2016. Dreams is one that hasn't been confirmed outside Japan, but with what was announced above, the list barely gives any genre enough to keep its fans busy.

The PlayStation VR titles revealed were Ace Combat 7, Rez Infinite, RIGS: Machine Combat League, Summer Lessons, Kitchen, The London Heist, Cyber Danganronpa VR, The Playroom VR, and DriveClub.

One of the PlayStation 4 games announced for PlayStation VR was literally a tech demo, so I didn't include it as a game. I'm still wondering exactly what Kitchen and Summer Lessons are, if not edutainment software. If the PlayStation 4 release schedule is planned to include these kinds of things, we should expand on it with useful interactive tutorials on things like car repair, gardening, and home improvement. It might get more gamers interested in practical hobbies, which may improve their lives and save them money.

Noticeably absent from the list were the annual release staples that gamers have tired of due to being "the same thing every time." Assassin's Creed could finally be dead after the failure of Unity and a lackluster reception for Syndicate, and Ubisoft may have decided not to risk any more time and effort on another one. Call of Duty is another one which doesn't seem to be on the list of 2016 PlayStation 4 games.

The absence of these franchises might also be a clue that Activision and Ubisoft are learning that a well-made major title for this generation takes more time. Perhaps an extra year will give us the improvements we are actually looking for?

According to Gamepur, the PlayStation 4 games released in 2015 were generally disappointing, with Bloodborne and Fallout 4 receiving the most positive reception. Hopefully, the upcoming releases will breathe new life into Sony's console and bring back the awe from previous generations.

[Image via Sony]