'House Of Cards' Announces Season 4 With Fake Ad Campaign

Thomas Kuegler

The spot goes through a typical montage of children, old folks, and hard-working Americans all doing their part in making the country the best it can be. Then we hard cut inside the Oval Office to see Frank Underwood as he leans into the camera and says, "America, I'm only getting started."

Fortune reports that Netflix isn't pulling any punches, letting everyone who hasn't already seen Season 3 that Frank Underwood does become president.

House of Cards films in Baltimore and is almost done filming its latest season, as the Baltimore Sun recently reported. Over the years, the show has filmed in Washington D.C. and even inside Camden Yards, the baseball field home to the Baltimore Orioles.

Season 4 is set to premiere on March 4.

"I could see for about seven years before it happened that one of these companies making gazillions as a portal for content would one day start making their own," he said.

"They had to do it in order to keep competing. So it wasn't a surprise when Netflix stepped up [in 2012], though it was a surprise that I was involved in it."

Netflix even had a different way of shooting pilots from the other TV networks.

"We went to every network, every cable channel, but Netflix were the only ones that didn't demand we shoot a pilot," said Kevin.

"Pilots force you to establish all your characters upfront, to somehow prove to them that this thing can work. They compromise the writing, even before they open you up to a myriad of opinion from all levels of executives from all kinds of departments, which usually results in a script unrecognisable from its original intentions."

"A lot of the early problems with the technology have been solved, it's time for the content creators to produce," he said.

He even went on to extrapolate his ideas for virtual reality to education.

"The schoolroom hasn't changed a whole lot in decades. So imagine being able to slip on the goggles and be at the bottom of the ocean learning about the Pacific, Gettysburg hearing about the Civil War, or on the stage of The Globe in the 1600s, running lines with the actors?"

Kevin Spacey's ideas are definitely a bit of a stretch, but technology may be able to catch up sooner than we think.

For now, we have the fourth season of House of Cards to look forward to.

It was a great marketing decision to have the advertisement run during a major political event, but it's not the first time that House of Cards has done this. To announce Season 3, they ran an advertisement during the State of the Union address.

The show was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award this year in the "Outstanding Drama Series" category but lost to Game of Thrones.

[Image via Netflix]