Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Isn’t Happening

Ever since Square Enix showed off the Final Fantasy VII tech demo to showcase what it could do with the power of the PlayStation 3 back in 2005, fans have been clamoring for a remake for one of the most popular entries in the franchise’s storied history.

Unfortunately, it still looks like that remake won’t be happening anytime soon.

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada’s explanation for the lack of a Final Fantasy VII remake in a recent shareholder meeting, as reported by Andriasang, is a bit surprising. Wada said that a Final Fantasy VII remake wouldn’t happen until Square Enix is able to make a game that is as good as, or better, than Final Fantasy VII was.

In other words, Wada is admitting that the Final Fantasy series isn’t quite what it used to be. Wada said that because of that fact, releasing a Final Fantasy VII remake right now would cause “the Final Fantasy franchise would be done with.”

All that said, Wada admits that the team would absolutely love to give Final Fantasy VII a HD makeover, so at least we know that the team would be up for it should Square Enix eventually decide to go through with it.

Would you want to see Final Fantasy VII remade?