'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Billy Flynn Teases Happy Days Ahead For Chad And Abigail As Brainwashing Storyline Looms

Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased a big storyline beginning this week that brings fresh heartbreak for Abigail. She is struggling to overcome the chaos that Ben orchestrated and Chad has been right by her side. While Abigail and Chad just spent a sweet evening together, they are about to be split apart yet again. Luckily, actor Billy Flynn is giving fans a bit of hope, urging them to stick with the show and know that happier days are coming for their favorite couple.

Previews for this week show Andre strapping Chad into the DiMera brainwashing machine. Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed that this is so that Andre can force Chad to break up with Abigail and get close to Belle. As fans know, Sami has stolen the DiMera fortune and Andre knows that Belle could be key to bringing the fortune home again.

Andre will first try to convince Chad to cooperate on his own accord. When Chad refuses, Andre takes drastic measures. We Love Soaps shares that on Friday's show, Chad will break things off with Abby. Teasers indicate that Abby will be thoroughly devastated and it seems she may quickly come to suspect that Stefano or Andre are behind the split.

According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Abby will confront Stefano and Andre with her suspicions that they have done something to Chad. She surely will not get far in this confrontation, though, and she will be in way over her head trying to do battle with these men. It isn't known just how long Chad and Abigail will be kept apart with this brainwashing scheme, but fans should not give up hope.

Actor Billy Flynn, who plays Chad, has been sharing some encouragement with Chad and Abby fans via Twitter. One fan tweeted Flynn that Chabby fans do not want Chad and Abigail split apart and she urged the show to consider the strong fan base the couple has. The DOOL actor tweeted that this split would pass quickly and he added hashtags encouraging the fan to give it a minute and that the love Abby and Chad have is forever.

Flynn wasn't done encouraging fans with that one tweet, however. Another DOOL fan tweeted that she was done with the show with this storyline and that she thought the writers were crazy for going down this road. Billy replied that the fan shouldn't be done, but that she should keep watching, enjoy the storyline, and that she would end up getting what she wants in the end.

"Shelle" fans aren't necessarily all that thrilled with this new storyline either. DOOL fans have been thrilled to see Belle and Shawn return to Salem, though they are having relationship difficulties. Shawn headed back to Maine and now the sparks are flying a bit between Belle and Philip. Luckily, Days of Our Lives spoilers have already revealed that Shawn will be back soon, though he'll be looking a bit different.

After one of Billy's replies about holding onto hope for Chabby, actress Martha Madison was looped into the conversation. Madison, who plays Belle, was asked if she could tweet out some hope for Shelle fans. Madison didn't, and instead noted that she would prefer to keep everybody guessing.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see which couples prevail in Salem, though it certainly sounds as if Chad and Abigail, along with eventually Belle and Shawn, will have happier days ahead. There have been rumors floating around that there might be big changes ahead for the character of Abby. Given Billy Flynn's reassurances, however, fans hope that the buzz is off-base.

Will Andre's plan to use Chad to reclaim the DiMera fortune work? How long will Chad and Abby be separated before they happily reunite, if Billy Flynn's teases are accurate? Fans will have to stay tuned for additional Days of Our Lives spoilers as more about this storyline is revealed.

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