Zynga Now Has 22 Million Mobile Users, Announces Partner Program

Social gaming giant Zynga announced on Tuesday that its mobile user base has grown to more than 22 million daily active users. In comparison the company currently entertains 53 million daily active Facebook users.

Since going public Zynga officials have promised investors that it would distance itself from Facebook in an attempt to severe its reliance on a single platform provider.

Among its strategy has been the acquisition of top mobile apps that can help extend its mobile user database, most notably the company’s $180 million purchase of OMGPOP, makers of the popular “Draw Something” mobile app.

Zynga has also announced a new third-party partnership program that allows third-party developers to use its network. The platform has launched with some big names including Crash Lab, Phosphor Games and Atari.

According to chief mobile officer David Ko:

“It’s easier than ever to create an app and yet harder than ever to find an audience. We want to create an ecosystem with best-in-class mobile developers and best-in-class mobile games.”

Zynga is still facing an uphill battle as the mobile space is crowded by some tough competition including Apple’s own Game Center, Facebook’s move towards a mobile app platform offering and gaming competition from the likes of GREE and DeNA, both which offer competent and seasoned mobile gaming platforms.

In the meantime Draw Something is nearing its 10 billionth drawing and the company is preparing to launch Matching With Friends which draws on the success of Words With Friends.

Do you think Zynga will be more successful in the mobile social gaming platform than it has been on Facebook?