John Parsley Drives Truck In Hotel Lobby, Nearly Kills 2 Women -- Parsley Talks 'Indian' Hotel Manager [Video]

John Parsley is a name people shouldn't soon forget, especially after seeing the incredible below footage of Parsley driving his pick-up truck through the front door of a hotel and right into the lobby. John was reportedly angry about his hotel bill, and the details of the bill that made Parsley upset enough to drive his truck into the hotel lobby are specified below.

As reported by the Guardian, the 62-year-old Parsley used his pickup truck as a weapon when John barreled it directly through the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel lobby, narrowly missing two women. Parsley performed the action in Alva, Oklahoma, after John was upset over something on his hotel bill.

Instead of letting the incident go, Parsley instead can be seen getting in his truck. Another vantage point of the CCTV video shows John ramming his truck straight through the lobby. Parsley could've killed the two employees who jumped out the way to avoid the truck. As such, John was detained by police and held for assault and malicious injury charges.

The melee with John occurred on December 10, as can be seen in the video. Parsley's video is just now making the rounds online and going viral five days after John's dangerous antics were captured. The quick-thinking hotel clerks are seen jumping out of the way from Parsley's 2006 Sierra GMC truck as soon as it comes crashing through the front door of the hotel

Another video of John shows Parsley having a conversation with a police officer outside the hotel, as reported by NBC News.

The still photos from the video of Parsley's truck ramming can be seen on the New York Daily News‎ website along with photos of John holding up his hands in surrender after ramming his truck into the hotel and getting out of the truck.

John got mad at the hotel worker through no fault of their own. Parsley was highly angered when John's credit card got turned down two times at the hotel. As such, Parsley was asked to pay in cash, which is likely a standard procedure in such an event. However, deeper anger beyond the credit card situation might have angered John. Parsley made statements about the ethnicity of the hotel manager, said Kingson Christian – manager of the hotel – according to police.

"Parsley stated it wasn't his first bad experience with a hotel manager who was also Indian."
"Parsley stated he had paid cash for the last two nights because his card was declined both nights."

That's when Parsley made death threats, with John saying he would run over both the property and the hotel employees with his pickup truck. John made good on his promise, and Parsley soon drove straight into the hotel lobby. John told the cops that the hotel employees thought Parsley was bluffing about his threats to run them over. As seen in the incident report about Parsley, John made good on his threats, as reported by Enid News.

John's anger didn't pay off for Parsley. Hailing from Gonzalez, Texas, John received a whopping $1 million bail for actions that could've killed the duo. Now John resides in the Woods County Jail after being charged with using his truck as a dangerous weapon. Parsley's actions caused more than $100,000 in damage to the hotel.

"Parsley rolled his window down and looked at me as I was speaking to him trying to explain to him I was going to go inside to speak with the manager. I observed Parsley reach up and place his vehicle in drive and accelerate rapidly, crashing into the hotel front entrance and into the lobby."

[Image via Woods County Jail]