Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook, Reach Settlement

Four years after their divorce, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook are finally ready to move on with their lives.

The couple, who have spent the last several years arguing about the divorce proceedings, were set to head to court again this week. But today Brinkley and her ex-husband Cook reached a settlement that will spare them another courtroom battle.

According to the NY Post, the latest argument had to do with a series of “harassing” emails. The couple was also arguing about expenses related to their children.

Brinkley and Cook were able to reach a settlement last night but it’s unclear exactly what they agreed on.

According to Cook’s lawyer Jim Winkley, Cook received compensation for Brinkley to take care of the children. Winkley also said that Brinkley agreed to hire a parental coordinator.

Winkley said:

“In addition to receiving financial compensation for having to address Ms. Brinkley’s frivolous lawsuit against him, Mr. Cook has also secured a parenting coordinator, something he has sought, and Ms. Brinkley has refused, for 4 years. Ms. Brinkley is now mandated to co-parent directly with Mr. Cook and she will be monitored. The settlement we reached proves Ms. Brinkley’s claims were baseless and that a hearing would have only proved to be a further embarrassment for her.”

Brinkley, however, sees things a little differently.

The supermodel wrote on her Facebook page:

“In a late night settlement, I finally won the right to establish boundaries with provisions such as an intermediary to deal with email bullying, verbal and emotional abuse… I am hopeful the steps will now protect my Constitutional right to quiet enjoyment and peace and serve as a template for the courts to help others avoid the lengthy trials and tribulations that cost taxpayers money, and at a cost to families that CAN be calculated in dollars. But its the emotional toll which can only be measured in tears that must be considered by the courts and media alike.

“Let it be known, that I ‘moved on’ from my marriage to Peter Cook the moment a police offer tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that ‘my husband had been cheating on me in a two year affair with his 17 year-old-daughter.’ Since that moment, it has been an odyssey of frustration as I have navigated the court system with one goal to find peace and protection for my family from the various forms of abuse at the hands of a narcissist.”

Brinkley’s lawyer insists that the supermodel has not hired a “parental coordinator” and is not being “monitored.”