Cynthia Bailey Fights With Peter Thomas Over Cheating Allegations, ‘RHOA’ Couple Headed For Divorce?

Cynthia Bailey fights with Peter Thomas

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have been airing their marital issues on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for quite some time. Cheating rumors have been plaguing the couple due in part to Thomas’ various pictures and comments across social media. Over the last few seasons, many of the women have approached Bailey about her husband, but it didn’t really seem to sink in with her. He insists that he has not done anything wrong and that many of the issues they are experiencing are because of bloggers.

Recently on RHOA, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas looked to have settled their differences. They both concluded they wanted their marriage to work and vowed to move past the rumors and start over again. While it looked promising, just a few days after the episode aired, Bailey was hit with more allegations of Thomas cheating. This is especially sad for fans who have watched Cynthia Bailey really give her all to this marriage. She has done a lot to make it work, and it is affecting her in ways that no one expected. Bailey got physical with Porsha Williams on an episode of RHOA, and that is not her at all. People were shocked when the news of a physical altercation broke. Is the stress Peter Thomas is giving Bailey contributing to her acting out of character?