Vizio Launches Co-Star Player, Includes Google TV

Vizio announced on Tuesday the launch of the Vizio Co-Star Stream Play, which utilizes Google TV, for use with HDTVs.

PR Newswire reports that with the new device, users will be able to merge live and streaming entertainment into their TV, allowing them instant access to apps, full-screen web browsing via Google Chrome, and streaming entertainment.

Matt McRae, VIZIO’s Chief Technology Officer, stated:

“Our focus to deliver the best consumer experience continues with today’s announcement of the Co-Star, which delivers a superior smart TV interface that anyone can add to their existing HDTV. We combined the powerful features of Google TV with an intuitive and easy to use interface, giving users the power to enjoy an entire world of entertainment.”

CNet reports that pre-orders for the device will start in July, and the Vizio Co-Star Player will cost $99 and come with free promotional shipping. It will ship directly from the company, and the price is extremely competitive, especially because Sony recently introduced their own Google TV, which costs $199.99, making the Co-Star more affordable.

The device will include its universal Bluetooth remote, although it will be compatible with OnLive’s wireless controller, as well as many other third-party controllers. Cnet reports that the remote it comes with is nice, however, since it comes with a touch pad, full QWERTY keyboard, gaming buttons, and direct launch buttons for apps like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Vizio’s new Google TV Co-Star Player also comes with HDMI ports, Ethernet, and a USB port for things like hard drives and keyboards. The device itself will be about the size of a small cable box.