Husband Writes Nice Note For Depressed Wife On Mirror – Photo Gets 1.7 Million Views

Molly Murphy admitted she had been depressed, so when Molly came home and saw the beautiful note that her husband, Tim Murphy, had written on the mirror for Molly, she felt compelled to snap a pic and upload her first photo ever to Imgur. Now, seven days later, that note is approaching 1.7 million views, and both Tim and Molly are flabbergasted on their respective Facebook pages about the response the list of positives has received.

From Yahoo to the Daily Mail and beyond, publications are picking up on the viral nature of Tim’s note to Molly, and the fact that Molly admitted she had been down in the dumps prior to finding Tim’s love letter of sorts on the mirror. On Facebook, Tim wrote that the words he scribbled on the mirror were compliments he never knew anyone would see, not even his wife.

Molly, meanwhile, wrote that the first time she used Imgur, her photo went viral.

“Thankfully, my husband seems to get the whole ‘For better, for worse…’ thing”

In the Imgur photo, Molly writes the 15 things Tim wrote on the mirror — the reasons Murphy loves his wife, as the title says. Although most of the attributes can be seen in the original image, some are hard to read, therefore Molly listed those 15 things that Tim found attractive about his wife, as follows.

1. she is my best friend

2. she never quits on herself or me

3. she gives me time to work on my crazy projects

4. she makes me laugh, everyday

5. she is gorgeous

6. she accepts the crazy person i am

7. she’s the kindest person i know

8. she’s got a beautiful singing voice

9. she’s gone to a strip club with me

10. she has experienced severe tragedy yet is the most optimistic person about humanity i know

11. she has been fully supportive about my career choices and followed me each time

12. without realizing it, she makes me want to do more for her than i have ever wanted to do for anyone

13. she’s done an amazing job at advancing her career path

14. small animals make her cry

15. she snorts when she laughs

Molly’s description also revealed that she’d been under plenty of stress as of late, with her job, a new marriage, and rocky friendships testing her resolve. Murphy knew that the stress had made her unpleasant to be around at times, even as Tim tried to make her feel better. Molly admitted she took her stress out on Tim, but that Murphy always forgave her behavior.

On a recent return trip home from San Francisco, Molly wrote that she flopped down on the bed and cried — but looked to her left and saw the words Tim had written that have now gone viral. That’s probably why Molly looks like she’s still crying in the reflection of herself in the mirror. For Molly, the note from Tim was a reminder of how much he loves his wife, and Murphy wrote that the note from her new husband came at the perfect time.

Murphy made sure to clarify that she knows depression can’t necessarily be cured in an instant with nice words written on a mirror, but Tim’s kind words were the exact pick-me-up she needed at that moment. Molly also edited her photo’s description to deal with some of the comments that have come in the wake of the photo going viral. Murphy explained that she wasn’t “too good” for Tim or “not good enough” for Tim. She reminded folks that everyone has a down day or two, and that Molly was grateful to have a husband like Tim to understand her moods.

[Image via Imgur/Molly Murphy]