Donald Trump Will Be The Next President According To New Report - Trump Represents All Americans

Some may find it weird or think that Donald Trump's name being mentioned in the 2016 presidential election is absolutely absurd. There are those who may always believe that, but there are others who think differently. Many people believe that Donald Trump actually represents everything that all American people want and that he's going to be the next President of the United States of America when all is said and done.

Last week, Trump gained a large amount of support due to calling for the death penalty for all cop killers. It added to his already double-digit lead in the Republican Party race, but some are still not sure he could actually take the presidency.

Others beg to differ.

Donald Trump at campaign rally
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Freedom Outpost states that Donald Trump actually represents the vast majority of the American people, and it makes sense for him to be the next president. Not just that, Trump is actually compared to both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

He is the first candidate since either of those former presidents to represent the ideas and ideals of United States citizens who believe in "traditional American values, Patriotism, and a government ruled by the constitution as Donald Trump."

As of Monday afternoon, the 2016 Presidential Poll Tracker from USA Today has Trump's lead up in the Republican Party just from Sunday night. Now, he's leading with 31.4 percent of the vote, whereas his closest competitor, Ted Cruz, sits at 16.3 percent.

Marco Rubio has 13.3 percent, and Ben Carson has 12.6 percent. After those top four, Jeb Bush is the next closest with 4.0 percent.

The Freedom Outpost states that it is obvious Trump will be the next president as the higher-ups in the country have started to get nervous.

"If Trump stays in it, he is going to be the next President of the United States, and it clearly shows in the socialist establishment in Washington, as they have gone beyond panic mode into what amounts to nothing more than outright war in attempts to stop him."

The report continues on to say that mainstream media are actually government propaganda outlets just doing whatever they can to discredit Donald Trump and his efforts. This is apparently why they have started comparing him to Adolf Hitler, so as to get as many people against him as possible.

donald trump president jeb bush
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CBS Boston reports that if Donald Trump does win the GOP nomination, then it's definitely going to be Hillary Clinton as the next president, according to Jeb Bush. Obviously, Bush doesn't have a lot of faith in the running leader of his party.

"I don't know how else to describe it. He's motivated for some reason, but he's not motivated to win the presidency.

"He would make it impossible for a Republican to win if he continues down this path. Look, he's not a serious person, he's not a serious candidate. We're living in serious times and his proposals are completely unserious."

No matter what anyone says right now, it's hard to deny that Donald Trump is completely running away with the Republican Party nomination. A lot could change over the coming months, but right now, he's going to be hard to catch.

That's why the report from Freedon Outpost may not be that out of the question. The report also touches on the possibility of a rigged election and states that it will be absolutely catastrophic if Trump loses the presidential election.

"Many of us believe the elections are rigged, since we went to electronic balloting. If this is the case, and Donald Trump, even with his endless amount of support is mysteriously edged out by a less popular candidate in the general elections, it will be the beginning of the second Civil War. So, what we have here is a revolution against tyranny in Donald Trump, who must win in '16 or see massive moves against the Washington dictatorship by the American people."

It's not known if a second Civil War will begin if Donald Trump doesn't end up winning the election, but there could be a lot of serious questions raised in Washington. Donald Trump as the next President of the United States may have seemed far-fetched as recently as last year, but his lead and promises are starting to making it appear more like a possible reality.

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