Joey Feek Cancer Update: Joey Walks Again In Touching Video Shared By Rory, ‘We Almost Could’t Believe Our Eyes’

Joey Feek cancer update

It’s a Christmas miracle! Joey Feek of the country music duo Joey and Rory has been fighting a fierce battle with cancer since she was diagnosed last year. It has left her weak and bedridden, that is until now. In a new touching video, shared by Rory Feek, Joey’s husband and duet partner, on his blog, This Life I Live, Joey can be seen walking from her bedroom to the living room to sit with her family and friends.

While a simple stroll through the house may not sound like a huge feat to most people, for Joey Feek, it was a major accomplishment. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joey was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in 2014, three months after giving birth to her daughter, Indiana (Indy). Soon after her diagnosis, Joey underwent a radical hysterectomy and rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Although she seemed to have been doing better, and appeared to have won the battle against cancer, a mid-October PET scan revealed that her cancer had not only returned, but had spread to her colon. There was nothing left for the doctors to do. Yes, she could continue radiation and chemotherapy, but it would only buy her time, not the cure she had so desperately been hoping and praying for.

Joey and Indy in the living room from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

With the help of her husband, Rory, and her family, Joey Feek made the most difficult decision of her life — to stop treatment. Rather than continue undergoing chemo and radiation, Joey decided to return to her home where she could spend the remainder of her days, however many that may be, in the care of hospice surrounded by her family. Since then, Joey has had good days and bad days. According to Rory, there are days she sleeps the days away, and others where she feels like her old self again. Every day is a question of how Joey will feel, so when she has good days, the Feek family takes complete advantage of it, cherishing every moment.

On Friday, December 11, Rory shared a blog post, titled “a gift,” in which he revealed that his wife was strong enough to not only get out of her hospice bed, but walk to the living room from her bedroom, albeit with a little assistance from her sister and a cane.

Joey Feek able to get out of bed to play with daughter Indiana

“We had some friends and family here at the house with us, and when the door to her bedroom opened up and she came out in the living room, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes. We were all so proud of her, but I think Joey was even more proud of herself.”

Over the past few months, Joey Feek has become weaker and weaker, which is terribly heartbreaking because she has a sweet almost-2-year-old little girl vying for her attention. Although Indy climbs onto her mother’s lap to read stories and play, it has been weeks since Joey could actually get on the floor and play with her daughter. So, on Friday, as Joey sat in the living room with her family, she gently slid herself onto the floor and started doing what she hasn’t been able to do in so long… be a “mama again.”

“A few minutes later, my wife had slid from the couch to the floor and was able to be something for Indiana that she hadn’t been able be in weeks and weeks,” Rory continued. “She was a mama again. Playing with and teaching sign language to her little girl, like she’d been dreaming of being able to do.”

[Photo by Richard Vogel/Associated Press]