Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Being Sued For Alleged Ties to Terrorists

It seems like every day the world hears a new piece of information about the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian romance. However, the news of the couple being sued by a man who claims he saw Kardashian and West at an Al-Qaeda training camp isn’t your regular run of the mill couples news.

Jonathan Lee Riches, a man who might be after Kardashian and West’s money, is currently suing the stars in order to protect America’s image, by insisting that he stumbled upon the family at an al-Qaeda secret training camp.

The lawsuit, which was obtained by AllHipHop.com claims that while at the camp, Riches saw Kim Kardashian, her sisters, her mother, and step dad, along with her boyfriend Kanye West, performing some sort of “ritual”, where the defendants “took out shovels and were ‘fracking … to get fuel to make weapons of mass destruction.’ It should also be noted that Jonathan Lee Riches, as it just so happens, also holds the Guinness World Record for “World’s Most Litigious Man”, owning 5,000 suits in the past eight years, so obviously this guy means business.

In addition, the suit also claims that Kim Kardashian is going to be adding a new line of designs to her clothing line, which are “al-Qaeda women veils”. Riches’ statement in the lawsuit reads as follows:

On 6/17/2012 I was in West Virginia, deep in the hills and I stumbled upon the defendants who were all at a Al-Qaeda secret training camp.” He then went on to claim that Kanye and Kim pleaded their allegiance to Al-Qaeda, burned the U.S. flag and stomped their feet on Barack Obama’s picture, performed a concert for all Al-Qaeda members, and shot AK-47s in the air.

Do you think the “Most Litigious Man” is pulling a fast one?