Amber Portwood Seeking New Custody Agreement Over Daughter Leah

Amber Portwood has been working hard on staying sober and proving that she is a great mother. She has been out of jail for a while now, and she has been working on getting her life back on track. While she does get to see Leah quite a bit, Amber wants more. She wants joint custody of her daughter, as Gary Shirley currently has primary custody and calls all of the shots. As it stands right now, Portwood has to ask permission when she has to do anything regarding her daughter.

Of course, Amber Portwood has really taken the right steps to get her life back on track. And while Shirley should be happy for his ex-girlfriend, it sounds like he doesn't want to give up control of his daughter, even though Portwood should be given more responsibility. If it was up to Gary, he would keep things the way they are now.

According to a new Radar Online report, Amber Portwood is now planning on doing a custody plan so she can get more control of her daughter. She merely wants joint custody, meaning they have equal control and power of their daughter. She has been out of prison for a while, and Amber would love the chance to live with her daughter.

"I've been out for three years and I'm sober," Portwood said during the Teen Mom preview for the new season, adding, "I want joint custody of my daughter."

Sadly, Portwood may have an uphill battle since Gary doesn't want to cooperate with her wishes. He would prefer to keep things the same, and Portwood's fiancé could have something to do with this decision.

"Leah needs to be in a stable, steady home," Gary reveals, sharing that he doesn't approve of Amber's future husband, telling his lawyer, "Her fiancé has 7 kids and she doesn't even know about this."

But Amber Portwood isn't backing down. She thinks she knows her future husband after a year together, shouting, "I've been with this man for over a year. I think I know him. I always feel like I'm one step ahead, I get knocked back five steps."

Of course, Gary himself has moved on from Amber Portwood. While she was possibly hoping for a chance to work things out when she was released, he had moved on with another woman and had gotten her pregnant. Now, they are happily married, and it sounds like Gary just wants some kind of normalcy surrounding his kids. But he should give Portwood some room in the custody agreement. Amber herself is trying to settle down. She got engaged back in March of this year, and she went public with the engagement.

"We are happy. I've never felt this way about somebody else in my life," she revealed to In Touch Weekly, while a source told Radar Online, "He proposed in November and she accepted. The proposal was all for show. He doesn't have that kind of money."

Amber knows that Matt has a troubled past. The two bonded on Twitter because they have both had addiction issues. He admitted this to a Teen Mom producer, who was inquisitive of her new relationship when she was released. It has been a rocky road for them, as they have split, but it sounds like they are actually doing quite well now.

"They have a very tumultuous relationship," the insider says, according to In Touch Weekly, adding, "They get into big fights and Matt says he's moving out. But then hours later, they act like everything is fine."

Before Gary Shirley judges Amber, maybe he should remember that he hasn't had the best past either and that everyone makes mistakes. Do you think he should let Amber Portwood get more custody of Leah?

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