WWE News: Daniel Bryan Believes Wrong Guys Are Being Pushed

Daniel Bryan

In WWE news, Daniel Bryan told the media in Singapore that he feels that the company does not always push the right people. The former world heavyweight champion was sent overseas to do a promotional tour. Bryan was asked a wide variety of questions, including those about his health and potential career ending. One of the topics discussed was how Daniel felt about up and coming performers are being forced to compete with big name wrestlers for highly coveted spots on the monthly pay per view events that World Wrestling Entertainment hosts.

Some wrestlers have long careers and wrestle long into their 40s. Sometimes young wrestlers get left off cards (the show line-up) like WrestleMania because of old guys coming back. In my opinion, if they had brought back guys like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage back when The Rock and Stone Cold were starting out, The Rock would have never become The Rock, and Stone Cold would have never become Stone Cold. At WrestleMania, people still wanna see The Undertaker. This is kind of a balancing act. Although we are bringing back part-time wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and older wrestlers, I would like to see more young guys in higher positions in the card.

Dwayne Johnson

Brock Lesnar works fewer days in a year than a lot of the WWE stars do in a month. However, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion makes more money than a lot of them do. The reason for that is because he can draw in the audience. Lesnar has proven that in both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. If he wanted a spot on any of the monthly pay per view events, then Vince McMahon is going to give it to him. Fortunately for the other wrestlers, Brock prefers being at home on his farm with his family.

Dave Bautista

Some may be concerned that Daniel Bryan is leaving himself open to backstage heat by making comments like these. The former world heavyweight champion might be past the point of caring. Bryan recently revealed that he was working on a compromise with WWE because they do not want to let him wrestler for them any more. Daniel has been very open about his desires to continue chasing his passion. The Washington native is more willing to work for another promotion because he really wants to perform again. Bryan is not afraid of being released.

Do you think that WWE should focus more on younger performers instead of leaning on big name veterans?

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