Facebook Helps Canadian Tourist Find Long-Lost Camera

In a story that makes you feel good knowing that there are still honest people out there, one Netherlands resident took it upon himself to find the tourist in the picture above after stumbling upon his camera in an Amsterdam train station.

In a clever attempt at locating this unfortunate tourist, Netherlands resident Roland van Gogh figured that the best way to try and locate the gentleman would be to post one of his pictures on Facebook and ask all of his friends to share the photo in hopes that it might find its way back to the original owner.

Posting the picture only yesterday, the photo gained more and more shares until it had reached over 10,000 shares in just 10 hours.

“I’m impressed… over 10.000 shares within 10 hours! That’s 1000 shares per hour and almost 17 shares per minute. This means a share every 3.5 seconds! Thank you for sharing and let’s hope we’ll find him soon,” writes Roland on his Facebook page.

As the photo continued to go viral throughout the Facebook community, it actually began to reach people familiar with the man in the photo, leading Roland to believe that it would only be a short time until they finally stumbled upon the owner.

“We do have a lead to the woman on the picture. Hope she sends a reply soon!” he writes.

Finally after over 52,000 total shares of photo from this long-lost Nikon Coolpix camera, the owner was finally found and one of the more interesting Facebook interactions had come to a close.

“Looks like we found him! It’s a guy from Canada who is on a trip through Europe,” writes Roland.

According to MSN, the Nikon Coolpix camera contained over 2,800 photos from this lucky young man’s trip across Europe.

Do you know of any stories about Facebook helping someone find an unknown person similar to this?