7 Kaley Cuoco Facts: Her Favorite ‘Big Bang’ Ritual, How Much She’s Paid, And What She Gave Up For Fame

Kaley Cuoco has always been one of the most favorite The Big Bang Theory characters among the show’s fans. But what do fans really know about the actress? Check these seven perhaps little-known facts about the actress.

Kaley Cuoco, who turned thirty just recently, has been part of the CBS comedy show since the beginning. Her character on The Big Bang Theory, Penny, has recently wed her onscreen boyfriend, Leonard, portrayed by Johnny Galecki. That’s what the show’s fans know about her character’s onscreen life. But what about Kaley Cuoco’s real life? Here are a few facts, according to Design & Trend.

  1. Kaley Cuoco is a huge fan of both Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. When Swift released her “1989” album last year, Cuoco was among the first ones to post a picture of her holding the album and revealing her obsession with the singer’s new songs. And Cuoco is also Britney Spears’ fan.
  2. Kaley Cuoco was homeschooled since she was in fifth grade. She has said that she was never bullied by anyone before the fifth grade, but at the same time, the The Big Bang Theory star revealed she didn’t have lots of friends either. On the contrary, Kaley Cuoco’s schoolmates thought the actress was too cool for school after appearing in a Barbie commercial. And that was one of the reasons why her parents went down the homeschooling route.
  3. And homeschooling was one of the reasons why Kaley Cuoco never attended her own high school prom. Luckily, she still had an opportunity to experience what it was like dressing up for a school prom. Kaley Cuoco’s co-star on 8 Simple Rules, Ashley Tisdale, invited the actress to join her on her school prom. Cuoco agreed to attend the event but then revealed that she was bullied by some of Tisdale’s schoolmates.
  1. And here’s the cutest fact of all: Kaley Cuoco loves hugs! According to News Australia, she and her The Big Bang Theory co-stars love hugging each other.

Kaley Cuoco revealed in an interview with Parade that when someone from the The Big Bang Theory cast is in a bad mood, the entire cast joins this person for a group hug and it immediately makes him/her feel better.

“Before every taping, we do a little huddle and say, ‘I love you,’ and give each other a giant squeeze. We’ve done it since day one. If someone’s in a bad mood, once we do that, we’re back on track.”

  1. Kaley Cuoco is not embarrassed over her breast implants. Ever since the actress got breast implants at the age of eighteen, she has always considered it one of the best decisions of her life.
    Kaley Cuoco has said that her breast implants allowed her to feel more confident and much sexier.

“It wasn’t about trying to be a porn star or wanting to look hot and sexy.”

  1. In 2014, Kaley Cuoco and her The Big Bang Theory co-stars, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, received a huge pay raise, according to News Australia. It was then reported that each of them had been earning $325,000 per episode, but they managed to raise the pay to $1 million each per episode. And when asked about her new pay raise, Kaley Cuoco revealed her view on money.

“All I think about is what it means for my family… and knowing there is security for all of us.”

  1. Another fact to know about Kaley Cuoco is that she is a quite good tennis player and was even regionally ranked in the United States. But the actress gave up big tennis when she was sixteen years old – two years before getting breast implants – and then turned to table tennis. According to Kaley Cuoco’s interview with Men’s Fitness, table tennis remains her obsession to this day.

“I’m naturally good at it, probably from playing tennis as a child. I bought a ping-pong table for work, one for the house, and [my co-stars and I] play all the time.”

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]