'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope Faces Big Challenges, Chad Faces Heavy Family Pressure, And Abigail Faces Fresh Heartbreak

There is a big week ahead on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers for the week of December 14 tease that there is murder, scheming, brainwashing, and more on the way. Ciara has been kidnapped, and there are several devious plots developing throughout Salem.

According to We Love Soaps, Hope will be desperate to rescue Ciara. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that this becomes a very complicated situation. It seems that Ciara will be rescued, but the rescue comes with big complications. Previews appear to tease that there will be a standoff of sorts at the park, and someone will die.

Days of Our Lives spoilers share that there will be a shooting, seemingly killing the person at the park to pick up the money from Hope. It appears that Hope will be made to look like the shooter, but that there was someone hiding in the trees who did the actually shooting. However, later in the week, Rafe will have to arrest Hope for the murder.

Philip is back in town, and he is pressuring Victor to agree to some bold business moves. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Belle and Philip will run into one another on Tuesday's show, and there may be some sparks.

Belle has been devastated by the collapse of her marriage to Shawn, and he left town for now. He will be back come January, but will Belle and Philip revisit their former romance in the meantime?

Abigail has been struggling with the aftermath of what happened with Ben, but Chad is right by her side. Viewers will see the two spend a romantic night together on Tuesday's show. Unfortunately, their happiness may be short-lived.

DOOL spoilers from the "Days of Our Lives forum spoiler page" on Facebook indicate that André and Stefano have a plan, and they need Chad's help, but he initially rejects it. Soon, Andre takes charge and goes to great lengths to put the plan into place anyway, and it has heartbreaking ramifications for Abigail.

Andre will brainwash Chad and put the plan into motion. Chad will break up with Abigail and set his sights on Belle, as a way for Stefano and André to manipulate Belle and recover their fortune.

Chad will break things off with Abigail on Friday's show, leaving her devastated. Just how far will this scheme go? Baby Thomas is doing well, and Abby thought she was finally going to piece things together again. Thanks to Andre's schemes, it looks like Chad and Abigail will be kept apart yet again, and rumors indicate that this could lead to big changes down the road.

This week also brings confessions from Belle to Brady, a date for JJ and Gabi, as well as some encouragement from Theresa to Brady. Theo is further bullied, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Ciara will catch wind of this and be furious.

Viewers have seen that Eduardo has some big secrets, and there is more revealed on this front in the coming week. He will tell John that he was sent to Salem to kill him, and this will surely lead to some dramatic moments.

There is more ahead this week with Ava, as well. Kayla will learn about Ava's return to town during Thursday's show. Ava clearly has a plan, but so far, only bits and pieces have been revealed.

Just what is Ava going to say to Kayla and what is her agenda? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that she shares shocking news with Kayla on Friday's show that may turn things upside down.

While Rafe may be arresting Hope for murder, it seems she may not be in hot water for long. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that on Friday's show, Rafe will be helping Ciara and Hope scrounge up some holiday spirit.

There is definitely plenty more heartbreak and drama on the way and fans can't wait to see what lies ahead. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

[Photo by Chris Haston/NBC]