PlayStation 4 Has Become “So Good That You Want To Steal It”

The PlayStation 4 indeed looks like its defending is crown as the best and most sought-after latest generation console in the market today, having consistently topped sales and figures. Xbox One has always been one step ahead of PlayStation 4 in terms of development and marketing strategies, but it seems the fan base of the PlayStation 4 is too strong to sway.

With this, we give you three reasons to believe why PlayStation is, as we quote from The Monitor Daily,“so good that you want to steal it.”

One, PlayStation 4 continues to break records and top sales. It is not news to many that the PlayStation 4 console has consistently been on the top of records and sales reports, ahead of its close competitors Xbox One and Wii U. In fact, Latin Post reports that this November alone has been another breaking-record month for PlayStation 4, having sold more than one million units in one month. Just at the last Black Friday online sale, Gamespresso reports that PlayStation 4 is actually the top selling tech product during the entire run of the event across all online retailers. And again, the Xbox One is right behind the PlayStation 4, at second place.

It’s been reported just last November that PlayStation 4 has already hit 29 million console sales—and this is just two years after the PlayStation 4 released. VGChartz reports that Xbox One, meanwhile, is still just at 14 million units sold in October 2015.

Second, PlayStation 4 players in gaming communities such as NeoGAF has unearthed recently that PlayStation 4 finally unlocked its 7th CPU core. What does this actually mean? Well the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One both run on seven CPU cores, but has kept the 7th core locked for the longest time. In January, Xbox One has already unlocked theirs for game devs. Now, it is believed that PlayStation 4 has finally unlocked theirs too, giving more access to game developers to create more powerful games.

Unlocking the 7th CPU core would mean so much for PlayStation 4 devs, especially since we know that there are lots of AAA titles that are already running better in the PlayStation 4 without the 7th CPU core unlocked. Some of these are Metal Gear Solid V(running at 1080p in PS4 and 900p in Xbox One), Star Wars Battlefront(900p in PS4 and 720p in Xbox One), and Battlefield Hardline(900p in PS4 and 720 in Xbox One). We are excited for the games that will be developed with an unlocked 7th CPU Core in the PlayStation 4.

Finally, a PlayStation 4 indeed is so good you’d want to steal it because it just happened again recently. News 12 recently reported that a man was caught on the CCTV of a GameStop store in Carle Place, Glen Cove Road, nabbing a PlayStation 4 out of the store. So how did it happen? We can’t exactly wrap our head around it but according to reports, the man was able to distract the cashier and then, under his nose, was able to grab the huge PlayStation 4 box and ran off to a direction unknown to the CCTV and the clerk.

When news of the robbery came out at the end of November, police released photos of the man, calling out to people who might have information about his whereabouts. But shortly after the crime was filed, the alleged thief had already surrendered to the police to admit his PlayStation 4 theft.

This left us wondering, what did he intend to do with the PlayStation 4? Stealing it one day and then turning it in another. The Monitor Daily believes that this incident, among others, is indeed a manifestation of how popular the PlayStation 4 has become that it already, indeed, is “so good that you want to steal it.”

[Featured photo by Erin Lubin/Bloomberg via Getty Images]