Kristi Fulgham, Tyler Edmonds: Oxygen’s Snapped Premieres Its New Season With Starkville, Mississippi, Murder Case

Kristi Fulgham, the Starkville, Mississippi, woman who shot and killed her husband, Joey Fulgham, and tried to implicate her half brother will make the next episode of Oxygen’s Snapped. Snapped details the cases of wicked women who have committed murders. The 16th season premiere, which begins on Sunday, will review the case that shocked a small country town and lead to the arrest of a 13-year-old boy who spent six years in jail before everyone learned the truth. The 2003 murder case will be told through interviews with Tyler Edmonds, law enforcement, and others who have detailed knowledge about the investigation.

Snapped will dramatize how 28-year-old Joey Fulgham was found dead in his bed after his brother went to check on him. Joey had made plans to meet with his brother that weekend, but when no one could make contact with him, his brother went to the home and found him lying in a pool of blood. An autopsy report confirmed that the victim had died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head. At the time of the murder, Kristi Fulgham, the victim’s wife, was out of town in Biloxi, Mississippi, with her half brother, Tyler Edmonds, and her children. But police quickly zeroed in on her as a suspect in the murder and tracked her down.

By all accounts, Kristi Fulgham was a knock out, the kind of woman that any man would want his arm around. She was sexy, charming, and flirtatious. Joey Fulgham had known Kristi for a long time and wanted to make her his wife. Their relationship was fast and passionate. To others, it seemed like they were absolutely crazy for each other. But the marriage became strained after Joey began suspecting that his wife had been unfaithful to him. In fact, he later discovered that a child he thought was his belonged to another man. Despite finding out this knowledge, he took her back, even after he discovered that she was also involved with another man.

Some beloved that Kristi didn’t deserve a man like Joey — a man who was hardworking and willing to sacrifice everything for her. Not only was Joey mesmerized by her charm, her own stepbrother Tyler Edmonds adored her as well, and Kristi Fulgham knew it.

When the police began questioning her about her husband’s death, she blamed everything on poor Tyler, leading Tyler to confess that they both held the gun as they prepared to shoot and kill Joey. After arresting them and charging them with murder, a jury later found Kristi and Tyler guilty.

In the end, Tyler Edmonds finally told the truth, stating that he had lied because he loved his sister and wanted to protect her. In 2008, his conviction was overturned. Upon his release, Tyler Edmonds spoke about how traumatic the entire event has been for him, according to the Dispatch.

“It was terrifying. () I was in the Oktibbeha County Jail for a while and then I was transferred to (Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility). Again, it was terrifying. You’re young and out there with people you don’t know and you are forced to live with them. Some of them were violent and some were not. Some were nice and some were not.() My mom was there for every visitation except for two and one of those times she had a car accident. People I didn’t even know from all over the country reached out to me and sent me letters. I’m still friends with some of them today. My faith grew stronger through this experience. It’s amazing what faith and the human spirit can do.”

In 2010, Kristi Leigh Fulgham had her death sentenced thrown out. She was re-sentenced to life in prison without parole, according to the Jackson Free Press. In order to see how police investigated the case, and to hear directly from Tyler, tune in to Snapped on Sunday, December 13, at 9/8 central. Inquisitr has previously reported on other Snapped cases, such as the Christine Billis case and the Carmen Montelongo case.

Coverage of Tyler Edmonds Murder Trial

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