Frank Ocean Rumored To Have New Album In The Works

Fans are counting the days until Frank Ocean releases his new album Boys Don’t Cry. But it’s already been five months and many are losing hope, including Adele.

However, a new development has recently rekindled fans’ hope that the wait will soon be over.

On Nov. 24, Pop Crush caught a glimpse at a tweet from music producer A-Trak.

“Mark my words: in a few weeks you’ll hear a song called ‘White Ferrari,’ I can’t tell you who it’s by but it’s the best thing you’ll hear this year,” read the tweet.

In response to A-trak, Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij tweeted out a simple “yup,” which Pop Crush suggests may be a clue as to who is producing Ocean’s new track.

A-trak’s tweet has since been deleted, but that hasn’t stopped fans from concocting theories about a follow-up album to Channel Orange.

While others still have their doubts.


Other sources, however, are wondering if this wait is actually a good thing. An article published by the Guardian seems to think that patience will grant the wishes of even the most frustrated die-hard Frank Ocean fans with an “artistically stronger album.”

In addition to winning a Grammy for best urban contemporary album in 2013, Ocean’s latest album, Channel Orange, released in 2012, sold more than half a million copies in the U.S. and Canada. During this time, Frank Ocean became the poster boy for modern sexual politics due to a heartfelt Tumblr post revealing that he identifies as bisexual — helping break a long-standing taboo in the rap and R&B music industry.

Several other artists seem to be focusing on the things in their lives that help create the music they make, rather than the music itself. Kayne West, for example, told Paper Magazine in June, “Right now, over 70 percent of my focus is on apparel.”

Pitchfork writer Jayson Green commented on Kayne’s absence, in an article titled “Kayne West is going to drop a brick and it’s going to hurt,” writing, “Kayne cares less about this album than any other he’s ever made… For the first time, there seems to be no animating idea behind his next project, no mission statement. He seems in general more focused on the parts of his life – being a father, developing clothes, making motivational speeches – that don’t involve the arduous process of album-making.”

If Kayne and Adele can wait months or even years to release a new album, then Frank Ocean should have the luxury to wait as well. After all, 25 sold more than five million copies just in America, making it the 11th album release since 2005 to sell five million copies.

So, Adele of all people should understand the true meaning (and reward) of being patient.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]