WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Website May Have Spoiled Three Title Matches For Tomorrow Night’s ‘TLC’

WWE is preparing to put on their next big pay-per-view on Sunday night, and TLC has a number of big matches planned. There are seven matches on the card and five of them have gold on the line. Well, a website put forth a preview for an upcoming WWE event and it may have actually spoiled the results of three of those title matches.

The following information could include SPOILERS for WWE’s big event on Sunday night and beyond. If you don’t want to know what could possibly happen, then you will want to stop reading now.

As announced some time ago, TLC is headlined by Sheamus putting his WWE World Heavyweight Title on the line against Roman Reigns in a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs match.

Many believe that they know how the match will go and who will walk out as champion, but one sports venue may have actually spoiled it for everyone.

The Facebook page for The Forum in Inglewood, California, posted a preview for their huge WWE Live Event taking place on Dec. 19. It’s known that Brock Lesnar will be making his in-ring return at that event, and he’s going to be facing off with Alberto Del Rio, according to the Facebook page.

The description for the event also lists a few other matches that could happen, and it actually spoils three big title matches at TLC.

“Don’t miss WWE LIVE when it returns to the ‪#‎FabulousForum‬ on December 19th for the first time in over twenty years! Three Championship titles will be on the line as Roman Reigns will battle current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Brock Lesnar is set to go one on one with United States Champion Alberto Del Rio and current Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens will defend his title against Dean Ambrose. PLUS, Bray Wyatt, Kane – WWE Universe, The Dudley Boyz, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, the WWE Divas, plus many more!”

As What Culture points out, it’s an interesting choice of opponent for Lesnar’s first match back in over a month, but the description of the match is what’s more intriguing. It says that the match is for Del Rio’s United States Title, and Lesnar could walk out the champion.

At TLC, Del Rio is defending his U.S. Title against Jack Swagger, and that match happens on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 13. That’s a week before the event in The Forum, and well, it hasn’t happened yet.

If the description and preview for the WWE Live Event in Inglewood is accurate, then it’s easy to tell what will happen at TLC. Of course, cards are always subject to change and The Forum may have simply gotten the card info from WWE and wrote up the preview based on how the title situation currently is.

So, not only may have the WWE Title and United States Title matches been spoiled, but possibly the Intercontinental Title match as well.

Kevin Owens is defending against Dean Ambrose at the PPV, and the preview from The Forum has the title still around Owens’ waist in a week. By the look of things though, the feud is going to continue past TLC and Ambrose is getting another match to try and win the title.

These spoilers from the Facebook page for The Forum could end up coming true and giving fans a hint at what’s to come from WWE in the next few weeks. Then again, it could just be a preview and have the “card subject to change” theory applied to it later this week after TLC is done, past, and the title matches have been completed.

[Image via WWE]