People Are Upset At Starbucks Again, But This Time For ‘Violent’ Polar Bear Christmas Cookies

Starbucks has already caused a huge stir this holiday season with their red cup debacle that apparently offended a lot of people. Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Trees offended people as well, and it was because they didn’t look much like trees. Now, Starbucks is doing it again and they’re offending people this Christmas with their “violent” polar bear cookies.

The cookies in question are those specific to the Christmas season, and each one is shaped like a polar bear. The white bear is looking upward and smiling with a red scarf of icing around its neck, but people are taking the icing scarf to be something different.

Yes, some are saying that the red icing isn’t a scarf, but it looks more like the polar bear has had its neck slit.

Us Weekly reports that the Starbucks red cup controversy, which had plain cups with no Christmas designs, was only the start of the touchy nature. These new cookies are just downright violent and seen as something offensive to anyone and everyone, no matter what holiday you celebrate. Social media lit up once the offending images first landed online, and it brought forth messages of confusion and outright disgust.

“Not sure why Starbucks think Polar Bears with their throats slit are ‘christmassy.’”

Others found it better to take a more humorous route in regard to the polar bear cookies.

People reported that Starbucks was simply attempting to bring a fun cookie shape for the Christmas season. Mind you, it’s not the best look for the scarf on the polar bear cookies, and yes, it does look quite violent and off at times.

Still, it’s a cookie. Those that are offended by it are truly letting it be known that they are indeed upset by the whole thing. This comes at a time when glitter pills are available for purchase at Christmas so people can poop glitter if they so choose.

For those not aware, the red cup controversy started for Starbucks back in early November. Instead of snowflakes and ornaments and other Christmas type designs, the cups this year were just plain red and everyone was offended that the company was anti-Christmas.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there were a lot of people who were offended by the Christmas tree candies released by Reese’s. Instead of just enjoying the candy and eating it for its goodness, people were greatly upset that the candies weren’t exactly Christmas tree shaped.

The shapes came out of the packaging more like round or misshapen blobs than anything else. Some took it in stride and joked around about it. Others believed that Reese’s was against and speaking out in opposition of Christmas due to the weirdly shaped candies.

Others were really upset and took to sending in complaints and emails so that the candy company could know about their displeasure.

This Christmas season appears to be bringing forth a lot more disappointment and people being offended than ever before. Instead of holiday movies, sappy Christmas commercials, and all kinds of other fun things, some people seem as if they are searching for something to offend them.

Starbucks may have been trying to get people back on their side this Christmas season by offering up the polar bear cookies. The red cups got everyone in a tizzy and against them, but now the red scarf aka neck slit on the cookies has turned people sour yet again.

[Image by Oli Scarff/Getty Images]