Internet Says Merry Christmas To Little Girl Who Lost Family: 'Tractor-Trailer' Needed To Deliver Safyre Terry Cards

Internet-sensation, 8-year-old Safyre Terry, and her adoptive family were overwhelmed with 18,000 cards and 400 packages Friday morning after the little girl's story went viral earlier in the week. Reportedly, there was so much mail for Safyre Terry that the postmaster had to use a two-ton truck and expects that a tractor-trailer will be needed next week, according to ABC.

Further, a campaign that has been started in support of the little girl who lost her entire family in a deliberately set fire, as reported by the Inquisitr, has raised close to $300,000 or 20 times the original goal of $15,000. Safyre's aunt and uncle have been supporting their niece since she lost her family in a fire in May, 2013. The young burn victim has required extensive medical care.

"I haven't found a word in my vocabulary to describe what has happened," Safyre's aunt Liz Dolder was quoted.

What started as an appeal by a little girl who suffered horrible burns over 75 percent of her body to receive enough cards to fill up her Christmas tree has turned into something of a Christmas miracle.

At first, Safyre's aunt Liz was skeptical that they could get enough people to send cards to fill an entire Christmas tree when she posted to Facebook with the request. A motorcycle enthusiast friend of Safyre's aunt and uncle named Kevin Clark learned of the little girl's wish and shared the news with some his biker buddies at a benefit and on the internet. The original post was quickly shared tens of thousands of times, and it didn't take long before Safyre began receiving mail.

Cards and gifts started to pour in from across the country and around the world from people who had seen the posts, fulfilling the simple wish, and then some, and filling Safyre Terry's heart with the joy of the season.

The brave little girl was described as being "over the moon" when she opened her first card. On Wednesday, Safyre was invited to the local post office to receive hundreds of cards and packages that had arrived, much to everyone's surprise and delight.

Little girl, Safyre Terry, received transport truckfuls of Christmas cards and presents.
Safyre Terry receives cards and presents at the post office on Wednesday. The postmaster predicts a transport truck will be required next week. [AP Photo/Mary Esch]

Safyre has received cards signed by entire classes of schoolchildren, stuffed animals, jewelry, books, Christmas tree ornaments, and cards from people, heaping adoration on the upbeat child.

"Every princess should have a tiara. Here's yours," a card accompanying a box containing a tiara covered with rhinestones read.

Safyre Terry lost her family in a May, 2013, Schenectady, New York, fire that gutted their home. She was found clutched in her dying father's arms. Her father and her three younger siblings lost their lives in the tragedy. In addition to undergoing "countless" surgeries to rebuild her face, mouth, and nose, Safyre lost her right hand after suffering from recurring infections.

"Your outlook on life makes me smile, and your undefeatable attitude is what makes humans amazing," one of the cards sent to Safyre read.

The amount of pain the young child has experienced, both physical and emotional, is heartbreaking. It was just in January of 2015 that the little girl's breathing tube was removed from her throat and she was able to speak again.

"Thank you!" the precious little girl from New York was quoted.

"That's when she came back out," Safyre's aunt Liz Dolder was quoted with regard to her niece regaining the ability to talk. "She's been through hell and back. But she's an amazing girl, just so full of life and love. We can't keep her to ourselves. We wanted to share with the world her message of faith, hope and love."

For those wishing to send Safyre their Christmas wishes, her address is: P.O. Box 6126, Schenectady, NY, 12306.

[AP Photo/Mary Esch]