Most Awkward Obama Ad Yet: Win A Double Date With Barack and Michelle Contest

Just when you think the Barack Obama re-election campaign cannot create another cheesy contest or tacky faux event to coax Americans to open their wallets – they do just that. The extremely awkward video of Barack and Michelle describing their first date is meant to entice eager supporters to throw a few dollars their way while garnering a chance to go on a double-date with POTUS and FLOTUS. A couple retelling the story of the first time they caught each others glance from across the room or shared that all-important initial smooch could be nauseatingly sweet; but no so much in the Obama’s case.

The White House couple missed the “how cute are they” quota by a wide margin. The idea not-exactly-romantic exchange may not inspire Democratic supporters to donate money to President’s campaign or enter to win a “first date of your own” with the Obama’s, according to The Blaze. The first couple may have overestimated the fund raising pull that sharing the details of their first meal together was expected to garner.

Obama’s quipped “gentlemen, take tips” as he strained to recall the exact details of his first meal with Michelle. If the final cut illustrates the best attempt by the Obama’s to relay the close and loving nature of their marriage, Barack and Michelle may need a weekend away to rekindle the old spark.

Regardless of how much in love the couple may be, the awkward Obama fundraising video is the impression of the couple which will now forever be infused on the public consciousness. The dine with Barack and dinner with celebrity contests and the ‘send us your wedding and birthday presents’ event may be exciting to die-hard followers but will not detract the rest of the nation from focusing on the struggling economy in November. Even liberals should have some shame about selling every aspect of their lives for campaign cash.