Imam Nidal Alsayyed Forced To Resign For Supporting Trump Muslim Ban

Texas Imam Nidal Alsayyed never thought supporting Republican GOP primary candidate Donald Trump’s call for a temporary Muslim ban would cost him his job, but it has.

The religious director of the Islamic Society of Triplex in Houston, Texas, went on Hannity two days ago (Dec. 9) and explained his reasons as to why Trump’s ban is a good idea.

“I certainly see it to be wise; that the US government should stop temporarily accepting any new Muslim immigrants (refugees and non refugees) into the United States,” reiterated Nidal Alsayyed in a statement to local CBS affiliate KFDM Monday.

Imam says he was forced to resign because he agrees with Trump about halting Muslim immigration

— Dr. Nidal Alsayyed (@NidalFinance) December 11, 2015

“But my justification to that is based on the fact that we can hardly distinguish who is Muslim and who is not! Islam is not about an ID card or last name!” As to Trump’s plan, he noted that the controversial candidate “is not against American Muslims.” “He is against any new Muslim immigrants (refugees and non-refugees)! There is a big difference here! We cannot be emotional.”

This prompted a call on Thursday from one of the Islamic Center of Triplex’s board members with the demand that he submit his resignation letter.

Nidal Alsayyed called his firing a “political” maneuver because most of the people sitting on his board are Democrats.

“Sadly, it’s Clinton versus Trump,” he added.

Since Trump issued calls for a temporary Muslim ban on travelers entering the United States, he has become a media pariah, but it has not seemed to affect his poll numbers.

In fact, as of Thursday, per CBS News and the New York Times, he was polling better than he has in weeks with a close to 20 percent advantage compared to the nearest Republican candidate.

Trump was also quick to point this out on his active Twitter account along with some truly dominant numbers in Georgia.

Nidal Alsayyed has been something of a media darling on the right side of the political aisle since issuing his initial statements and appearing on Hannity.

Hardcore conservative Allen B. West hailed Alsayyed in a recent post and called on the media to give him more attention.

“After every terror attack, liberals always remind us that the perpetrators don’t represent all Muslims,” the blog stated. “If they really believe that, why don’t we hear more about Imam [Nidal] Alsayyed? And are there more Imams out there like him?”

The answer to that, so far, is probably, but they’re not coming out of the woodworks.

Running searches for “Muslims who support Trump,” Nidal Alsayyed is pretty much the only name that comes up.

Of course, many on the left believe that the reason his is such a unique case is because of comments like this one: “I wonder how much Trump is paying the guy.”

Conservative supporters like to point out that Trump isn’t the first person who proposed a ban on a large group of people from entering the country.

During his one term, President Jimmy Carter refused entry to Iranians and removed thousands of Iranian students.

With Trump, there is a great deal of pushback not only due to the Muslim comments, but also due to his call for a border wall and some controversial early campaign remarks about illegal immigrants coming into the country from Mexico.

A recent finding, however, reveals that that border wall might not be necessary for Trump to get his way as more Mexicans are now leaving the country than coming in, according to a November report from Pew Research.

As for Nidal Alsayyed, do you think his support for Trump will change the narrative surrounding the controversial Muslim ban?

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