One Direction Will Be Back In 18 Months: Louis Tomlinson

As every One Direction fan is well aware, the world’s biggest boy band are heading for a well-earned rest once they complete the promotional tour for their recently released fifth album. One Direction has been on the road almost constantly since they appeared on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor back in 2010. In less than five years, One Direction has had four No 1 albums on each side of the Atlantic and have sold an incredible 27 million albums to date.

One Direction has just completed their fourth massive world tour in as many years, and no one can argue that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan don’t deserve some time to put their feet up, recharge their batteries, and enjoy the trappings of their success. Of course, One Direction has had a pretty tough year. Zayn Malik walked out on the band in March, reducing One Direction to a quartet and leaving his band mates to pick up the extra workload. Despite a succession of challenges through this year, many people, including One Direction themselves, believe that Made In The A.M. is their strongest and most mature album to date.

One Direction have to cope with relentless scrutiny from the media and it seems, that since they announced they were to take a break, that coverage has become increasingly negative. In recent weeks we have seen the Sun claim that One Direction are taking a break because Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles can’t bear to be in each others company.

Just this week we have seen One Direction star Louis Tomlinson accused of dumping his pregnant girlfriend and today Louis was accused of throwing a strop on Alan Carr’s chat show. The Mirror reported that Louis threw his mobile phone across the studio when it continually rang.

It seems that One Direction is currently suffering as a result of a particularly peculiar British media trait. The British media love to build up heroes but they love even more to bring them down again. Since One Direction announced their hiatus, they have been bombarded by claims of infighting and that their break will be a permanent one. As reported by the Evening Standard earlier this week, even Simon Cowell has hinted that One Direction’s appearance on this weekend’s X-Factor finale could prove their swansong.

Various members of One Direction have spoken out time and again to assure fans that they will return after they have had a break. To date, One Direction have been reluctant to commit themselves as to exactly when they will return, but it seems that Louis is now prepared to commit to a timescale. According to the Daily Mail, Louis has told Alan Carr that One Direction will make a firm decision in around 18 months’ time.

When Carr asked One Direction for reassurance that they “wouldn’t be away for too long,” Louis replied, “No. Let’s give it 18 months.” That news will be hugely welcomed by One Direction fans who are faced with a daily diet of claims that the band are finished.

Interestingly, Harry Styles also denies that he is to release a solo album once One Direction’s go on their break. Harry explained that all of the boys write separately both for One Direction and for other artists and then bring the music back to the group.

“We all write kind of separately and for other people and do stuff and bring it back, and that is it really.”

One Direction reveal that at present, they have no firm plans other than to relax and spend some quality time with their friends and families, though they are conscious that they will get bored after a time.

One of the reasons that One Direction are so appreciated by their fans is because they rarely neglect to praise those fans. Liam spoke for all of One Direction when he took time to thank those fans once again.

“I mean we say thank you a lot but I don’t think there is any amount of time you can stop saying thank you when something like this has happened to you.

“Yeah it’s changed our lives so much and we are eternally grateful, and we will be back very soon.”

One Direction’s fans will be counting the days.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]