Pit Bull Experiences Human Kindness For The First Time [Video]

Pit bulls have widely varying reputations. While many internet reports depict pit bulls as deadly killers, others serve to show the softer side of the breed. Either way, it’s clear that many pit bulls are mistreated, often made to be aggressive as a result of human cruelty.

But amidst the reports of pit bull attacks, there has come a heartwarming story about a pup named Veyron who was rescued by Hope For Paws. Judging by the pit bull’s fearful reaction to humans, it appears that the rescue crew were the first people to treat this animal with any love or kindness.

The abandoned pit bull was discovered along a busy highway by a man named Michele Claseri, who spent weeks trying to save the dog. Eventually, he contacted Hope For Paws in the hopes of rescuing Veyron. It was clear the pit bull was lost and terrified. When Claseri and the team tried to approach the animal, he fled for his life.

According to the Huffington Post, the highway nearby was especially busy, and the terrain was especially difficult to navigate, meaning the rescue of this pit bull was dangerous for both him and the humans. The video shows the volunteers climbing through a hole in a wire fence and even crawling on their hands and knees across garbage, just to get to the frightened pit bull.

“I don’t know how we’re even going to get out of here once we have him,” said one of the rescuers as they approached Veyron on a narrow ledge above the speeding interstate.

But the team managed to follow the pit bull to his hiding place behind a patch of tall grass. When they cautiously began to approach him, Veyron realized he was cornered and began howling. He appeared to be desperate enough to consider jumping out through the fence and onto the highway.

“No, no, don’t do anything crazy,” said one of the rescuers. “I’m still not putting it past him to jump down to the freeway.”

Finally, the pit bull simply huddled into a corner and waited for the humans to take him. Fortunately, the Hope For Paws team had his best interest at heart. After minutes of speaking gently to the pit bull, the rescuers were able to get in close and pet Veyron. The confused pup experienced what could very well be the first loving touch of his life.

Once the pit bull was sure the humans wouldn’t hurt him, he let them put on a leash and stow him in a cage. As one of the volunteers predicted, getting the dog out of the fenced in highway area was challenging, requiring them to lift his large cage over the fence. But they managed to take Veyron back to a shelter where he was given a bath and plenty more affection.

Within hours, the pit bull went from desperate and terrified to completely playful. By the end of the video, you can see Veyron playing with toys like he’d spent his whole life in a happy home. He also got a chance to play in a pool for the first time in his life and surprisingly got along perfectly well with other rescued pit bulls.

If you want to help Hope For Paws save the lives of more pit bulls and lost puppies like Veyron, you can visit their website at hopeforpaws.org.

What do you think about pit bulls? Are they monsters or misunderstood?

[Pit bull photo courtesy of Hope For Paws]