New Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone Will Be Massive

After the arrival of the iPhone 6S Plus, a larger Samsung Galaxy was inevitable. Recent photos have been leaked of the Android phone’s chassis, and it looks massive. This phone will be larger than any of the previous smartphones of its caliber, including even the iPhone 6S Plus that has a screen measuring 5.5 inches.

It’s no doubt the largest device of the Samsung Galaxy series, rivaling that of a tablet. There will be two options for sizes in this phone’s screen, with one measuring 5.1 inches and another measuring six inches for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus.

The chassis of this massive phone measures in at 163.4 mm high, 82 mm long, and 7.82 mm thick. By comparison, the 5.7 inch Galaxy S6 Edge Plus measures at 154.4 by 75.8 by 6.9 mm, and the six-inch Nexus is thicker, but still doesn’t match up with measurements at 159.3 x 83 x 10.1 mm.

There is also rumors of a Galaxy Mega, which will be a premium alternative to the S7. It will be 6.3 inches if the rumors are true. This is about as close to the size of a tablet as you can get.

Based on the leaked photos, it looks like the size is an improvement, but there are still several things missing. For starters, according to Forbes, the bezels aren’t proportionately thin, and it’s still missing a dedicated microSD slot, which is important for improved memory storage. All hope is not lost, however, as there’s still time to fix these issues before the future release.

In addition, the interior design of the phone may come equipped with more storage within the sim tray itself, which would eliminate the need for a microSD slot. There’s also no USB Type-C port either, although this could be part of the general phase-out trend of USB ports altogether as more companies are relying more on the cloud.

It looks like the phone will come with better battery life, but it’s difficult to tell from the physical pictures how much better that batter will be. This will be a huge improvement since the battery life of Samsung Galaxy phones in the past has been disappointing.

Above all, the design of the chassis is most fascinating. It’s thinner than ever before in another effort to rival iPhone design. It looks much like the Galaxy S6, with a premium glass screen and metal build. It’s highly stylish but slightly impractical, particularly based on the past experiences users have had with the phone easily cracking and breaking.

In addition, it looks like the power button is more angular, making it easier to push, but it doesn’t look like changes have been made to reduce the issue of easy water damage. The build makes it easy for the phone to retain water, which has been a major issue for Samsung Galaxy phones in the past.

A few of the buttons have been moved around as well. For example, the front-facing selfie clicker has been moved to the right side of the screen, which may have been shifted to accommodate the giant display.

It’s important to remember that all of the information here is relying on a few leaked images of the phone, but things could change between now and the release. The release date for the Samsung Galaxy S7 isn’t certain yet, but it’s expected to be near the end of February.

[Image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images]