WWE News: CM Punk Comments On Possibly Returning To WWE

It’s been nearly two years since former WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk decided to walk out of WWE, but that doesn’t mean that he’s still not relevant in the world of professional wrestling.

During his time in WWE, CM Punk was one of the two biggest stars in the company, and during a brief period in 2011, you could make the argument that he was the biggest, as he was the only person in recent history to surpass John Cena in merchandise sales.

In the following three years, CM Punk slowly became more and more miserable being a WWE superstar, feeling that WWE wasn’t treating him the way he deserved to be treated. Injuries, frustration with his pay, frustration with the creative direction of the product, and his position on the card all started to add up, which led to his abrupt departure in January of last year.

Since his departure, CM Punk has done quite a bit, including signing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Everybody knows that Punk has been a fan of mixed martial arts for quite some time, and while some believed that he would end up fighting, no one really expected that he would sign with and have his first fight in the world’s biggest mixed martial arts organization, the UFC.

Despite having a contract with the UFC, fans continue to push for Punk’s return to WWE, as he is asked if he’s going back in almost every interview, and probably daily on Twitter.

On Tuesday, one of Punk’s 2.43 million Twitter followers suggested that WWE would probably give him a contract worth $50 million to come back, due to the lack of depth on their current roster. Punk responded to the tweet by simply saying, “money isn’t everything.”

Punk’s response somehow ended up getting a lot of attention, and people began to analyze his three-word response, thinking that, if he was made the right offer, he’d go back to WWE.

On Wednesday, Punk took to his Twitter once again to comment on whether or not he’d return to WWE in the future, and as you’d expect, he has absolutely no desire to return to the worldwide leader in sports-entertainment, as he said, “Slow news day when my replay to a tweet is news. Not going back [to WWE], shut up about it. Move on.”

Almost everybody who has left WWE on bad terms has returned to the company at some point. Guys like Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, and Bruno Sammartino were guys who most people believed would never return under any circumstance, but they all did. Even a guy like Hulk Hogan, who WWE has done their best to not mention since he was fired earlier this year, will return at some point, as Triple H, who is the head of talent relations for WWE, said in a recent interview that he can see “The Hulkster” being welcomed back at some point.

As for Punk, there are some who believe that he’ll go back, but Paul Heyman, who is close with Punk, said that Punk will view it as a failure on his part if he goes back. Although, Punk himself has said that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever go back, but for now, he feels like he never will.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon said on the Stone Cold Podcast last December that he would gladly welcome CM Punk back in the company. However, due to the fact that WWE decided to give Punk his severance papers on the day of his wedding, which many believe was a pre-meditated attempt by WWE to ruin Punk’s wedding day, it’s unlikely that CM Punk will be willing to return to WWE in the near-future, even if his UFC career doesn’t work out.

[Featured image via MMA Fighting]