Could Amy Duggar King Be Pregnant? Cryptic Tweet Makes Fans Think Baby Is On The Way

Amy Duggar King has fans wondering if a baby is on the way. Amy doesn’t do everything like the other Duggars, and fans assumed she would not get pregnant right away after getting married to Dillon King. Amy went to her Twitter page and made a post that now has everyone wondering what is going on with her, though. Amy and Dillon just got married back in September. The post didn’t say much.

Of course, Amy Duggar King just put out this simple tweet and is not answering her fans who are wondering what it means. Is Amy pregnant or just thinking about the distant future? You just can’t tell at all, and everyone is asking her exactly what is going on. Several fans have even messaged Amy telling her congratulations, but she isn’t answering them yet. The entire post is full of comments of people just speculating and giving her baby name ideas. Her next post was just a simple picture.

Amy Duggar King may have a baby on the way, but so far she isn’t confirming it. Back in October, Amy Duggar spoke out about her baby plans and it didn’t seem like she was quite ready to have one of her own. Here is what Amy had to say just about a month ago.

“There’s no honeymoon baby. My cousins asked me when I got back — they were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, no.’ And they looked shocked. I mean, shocked! They were… almost upset, you know? [We’re] definitely not planning anything, not anytime soon. I think [Dillon] will be an awesome dad and I can’t wait to be a mom someday, but we’ve got so many little cousins to love on and so many little kiddos that we don’t feel like we’re missing out. Right now, it’s like, let’s just not.”

It is very possible that Amy Duggar King has changed her mind and decided it is time to have her own little bundle of joy. Amy and Dillon are obviously very much in love, and if she isn’t using birth control then it could have just happened. The last picture that Amy shared on her Twitter page showed her in a big and bulky sweater, so if there is any kind of baby bump then it just wouldn’t be showing up yet.

US Magazine shared the news that Amy Duggar has been staying busy by taking care of her sick husband recently. Amy has started blogging about her life, and her first post shared that Dillon had been feeling under the weather. Amy didn’t share many details, but simply said that Kleenex was his best friend right now. Amy even went on to share that she was using Oil of Oregano and it was fixing everything. Amy learned this trick from her mom. If Amy is pregnant, then she will more than likely end up sharing that news with her fans on the blog, but so far Amy is still just staying quiet besides her short tweet. Whatever is going on, Amy really does have her fans wondering and they can’t wait to hear from her.

Do you think that Amy Duggar King has a baby on the way? Could Amy just be teasing her fans about what is going on? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the return of the Duggar family in Jill & Jessa: Counting On when it airs the next three Sundays on TLC. Some of the Duggar family will be on the show, and hopefully there will be an appearance from Amy Duggar on the show.

Update: Amy later went to her Instagram page to share that she got a new kitten and is looking for names for it and not for a baby. She said, “Dill surprised me with an early Christmas gift! 🎄My little guy arrives this week!! I wanted a certain kind of cat that would get along great with my Maltese and I found out this specific kitty loves water?! What! so excited! 🐾 #babynames I need help on naming my little one! Any suggestions?!”

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