WWE News: Despite Neck Surgery, Wrestling Legend Sting Still Set To Appear At ‘WrestleMania 32’

Pro wrestling legend turned WWE Superstar Sting has been with WWE for a little over a year now on an official basis. He has had a few matches in WWE that have been quite memorable. The first was with Triple H at WrestleMania 31, where he sadly lost in his debut, which angered fans across the world as it made absolutely no sense. The last was seen as potentially his last ever match, as he was hurt pretty bad from it.

Sting ended up hurting his back on a turnbuckle powerbomb by Seth Rollins. At least, that’s what we thought. It happened to be his neck that got messed up. The second powerbomb ended up causing more issues. Sting said that the fault is on him completely and not Rollins, as Rollins did everything he could to protect him in the match. In fact, Sting said that Rollins was one of the best he’d ever worked with. This had to be massive for someone like Rollins, who said he always wanted to work with such a legend.

Due to the neck issue, Sting has to now undergo surgery to repair the problem. He will not be able to wrestle afterward for the better part of a year. Clearly, this is not great, but that only makes his return to the ring mean a lot more. This led to many assuming that Sting would not appear at WrestleMania 32 despite it being in the same town he lives in.

While he is billed from Venice Beach, California, Sting now lives in Dallas, Texas, and has done so for a long time now. It was first reported by PWInsider that Sting would be having surgery, and many websites took that as him not being at the event, which was then corrected by the website. Sting will still be part of WrestleMania in some capacity.

It is pretty obvious he will not be wrestling, but he very well could be involved in a program similar to what The Rock did at WrestleMania 31. Due to WWE losing a ton of stars and the fact that they want to sell out AT&T Stadium, it would be foolish to not have Sting somewhere on the show regardless of the placement.

Clearly he cannot take bumps after his neck surgery, but he will be healed up pretty well by WrestleMania if he has surgery soon. This would allow for at least a four-month recovery, which might allow him to not have to wear a brace of any kind.

Sting mentioned that while he cannot perform for a while, it is not the end of his career in the ring. He said he wants to have at least one more match, but who that will be against is not yet known at this point. Due to Sting needing to work with a safe partner, he may end up working with another veteran or someone like Bray Wyatt who can deliver a good match with him but also take care of him.

The gimmicks match up well enough, so the match would make sense. Wyatt has also mentioned that he would love to face Sting, which only makes it mean more for both men.

Clearly, Sting will go over in his last match as he has yet to get a real singles victory in WWE. However, WWE could pull a surprise and have Sting be winless in his WWE career. It would be considered a terrible thing for WWE to do, but they have done worse. The real kicker is when Sting will be able to perform next. It can be assumed that WrestleMania 33 would be the ideal target date, but it really all depends on when he heals up from the surgery.

[Image via WWE]