April 14, 2019
Claudia Sampedro, Instagram Model Known As 'Kim Kardashian's Doppelganger,' Shows Off In Thong Bikini

Claudia Sampedro gained a huge following for her incredible likeness to Kim Kardashian and her reality television appearance, but now the Instagram model is a star in her own right and is making some waves for a very revealing photo.

The model took to Instagram this weekend to share some pictures of herself rocking a skimpy thong bikini, showing off her toned abs and curves. The series of pictures were a big hit with her followers, garnering thousands of likes from her more than 1 million followers along with plenty of compliments.

"So hot babe," wrote fellow Instagram model Erika Gray.

"Gorgeous!" another commented.

Sampedro has been building a huge following online, thanks in large part to the attention she garnered for her likeness to Kim Kardashian. The Times Now News called her "Kim Kardashian's doppelganger," noting that the resemblance helped to launch her career.

"Cuba-born model Claudia Sampedro became an internet sensation because of her extraordinary similarity to Kim Kardashian," the report noted.

Claudia Sampedro later gained more interest as the girlfriend of Green Bay Packers linebacker Julius Peppers and her subsequent appearance on the show WAGS Miami. The Cuban-born model opened up about her experience for an interview with Channel 24, saying she had to go through an adjustment phase to being on camera all the time.

Even though Sampedro is used to sharing plenty of racy pictures, appearing on a reality television show was different.

"In the beginning it was really difficult being filmed and not to be worried about the camera and forget that everyone else is watching you, but after a while you just get used to it," she said.

"I am happy to have my privacy back at this point (laughs). It was fun filming the show but also challenging. I am happy to have some alone time alright."
Claudia shared that it was also difficult to put her relationship with Julius on display for all to see, knowing that he is a very private person. Peppers was known throughout his career to be a bit more reticent with reporters, not giving many interviews. But Sampedro said that he knew how much she wanted to appear, so he decided to go through with it.

The appearance has been a boon to Sampedro's Instagram modeling career, pushing her beyond the 1 million follower mark. Those who want to see more pictures from Claudia Sampedro can check out her Instagram feed.