Michigan Woman Committed ‘Suicide By Pit Bull’

A Michigan woman has died in a gruesome manner, and authorities say she committed suicide. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 22-year-old Rebecca Hardy intentionally climbed over a fence, into a backyard containing vicious pit bulls. It’s because of the circumstances surrounding her mauling death that the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled it a suicide.

The Detroit Free Press writes that the 22-year-old mother had a history of suicide attempts. The medical examiner also pointed out that there would be no logical reason for her to voluntarily enter the enclosure containing the dogs unless she specifically wanted the attack to happen.

“These were attack dogs. These were vicious dogs in an enclosed space. She obviously was aware of that, because she climbed over the fence to subject herself to this threat.”

The 22-year-old Michigan woman had reportedly been kicked out of her home recently, which could have facilitated — in some part — the event which took place last Thursday. Furthermore, officials are awaiting Toxicology results, which may or may not show drugs or alcohol in her system. Nonetheless, medical examiners have declared that this wouldn’t make much of a difference in her tragic demise.

“If drugs or alcohol were a factor in general behavior, it still does not eliminate the purposeful act of climbing into the dangerous area.”

The Michigan woman left behind an 18-month-old daughter and a fiancé, who does not believe that her death was a suicide.

“I, in no way, shape or form believe that she was looking to hurt herself on that day. She had a little girl… She wanted us to be a family.”

No doubt, her loved ones are having a difficult time with the violent circumstances surrounding the loss of their loved one. It only makes matters worse to hear that she intentionally climbed into a pen containing pit bulls so they could maul her to death. The idea that she committed “suicide by pit bull” is not only heartbreaking, but downright bizarre.

Social media is expressing a lot of interest in this bizarre death — in particular, because it involves pit bulls, who are notoriously debated as “dangerous.” Advocates for pit bulls are expressing anger, while those who argue against owning these dogs are expressing “told you so’s” on Twitter. These discussions are including the fact that the dogs that were contained in the pin into which Hardy crawled have all been euthanized — including a puppy.

This isn’t the only bizarre suicide to make headlines. Last year, a New York man committed suicide by decapitating himself. Tomas Rivera tied one end of a chain to a pole, and then looped it around his neck before hopping into his car and putting the pedal to the metal. The result was a horrendous suicide that went viral in media reports. In 2007, a Michigan man also decapitated himself in a gruesome suicide, which involved a homemade guillotine. The guillotine, which was attached to a tree, stood at about six-feet-tall, and had a swinging arm style of blade. The 41-year-old man had a reported history of mental illness, and had taken two days building the device before using it to end his life.

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