‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Scorpio Adventure Is About To Begin, But Who Is Holding Robin Hostage?

Some familiar faces are set to return on General Hospital. Viewers have seen Robin Scorpio recently, still being held against her will at a lab at some unknown place. But who is the person behind her kidnapping and has threatened her daughter Emma? It is none other than the evil Jerry Jacks.

It was revealed on Twitter by ABC exec Nathan Varni that it is, indeed, Jerry behind this whole mess as he posted some photos of the longtime General Hospital villain tormenting poor Robin. But what does he want with her all this time? Just like Helena Cassadine, it could be to find some type of cure for him, or maybe someone close to him.

Viewers won’t know for sure for at least a few more days, but it does look like fans of GH will get to have yet another Scorpio adventure coming up very soon. Along with Kimberly McCullough (Robin) coming back temporarily to the ABC daytime drama, her TV dad, Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio), is also set to return to help rescue his daughter.

As reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the Scorpio/Drake family will be heading out of Port Charles to locate Robin and bring her home. Jerry Jacks wouldn’t hesitate to hurt or kill anyone who gets in his way. That was obvious when he shot Robin a few years back during the MetroCourt hostage crisis. He sure is a far cry from his brother, Jasper Jacks.

It is being said that Emma will be joining Patrick, Anna, and Robert on this Scorpio adventure. Emma is expected to call her mom after learning that her dad and Sam Morgan broke off their engagement. This was something that the little girl feared would happen, and this has broken her heart. In fact, Nathan Varni has mentioned that Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will be a tearjerker, so fans better get their tissues ready.

With Jason Thompson’s (Patrick) impending departure from the General Hospital cast, this upcoming storyline will be his last before he leaves to head to The Young and the Restless. Varni has promised that it will make fans happy, which will most likely be that once he rescues his ex-wife, they will reignite their flame and leave Port Charles together.

Many fans were upset when one of General Hospital’s favorite couples had parted ways. Of course, that was mainly because Kimberly McCullough chose to leave the soap for her career behind the camera. Now that Patrick Drake is exiting, this couple can ride off into the sunset together. The show is apparently leaving both of their roles open for now, just in case one day they choose to return.

It will be great to have Tristan Rogers back on GH, even if it’s only temporary, and together with Anna Devane, they will be kicking some booty when they find out their daughter is in danger again. Patrick is free now to do whatever he wants now that he and Sam are over, so he is planning on joining them as well.

The episode on December 10 is expected to be highly emotional, especially between Patrick and Emma. In the preview photos, it looks like she is really upset when her daddy tells her that she is losing yet another potential mom. This beautiful connection between father and daughter is just one of the many reasons why viewers will miss Jason Thompson so much on General Hospital once he leaves. They are considered the best father-daughter team ever.

There is no official word yet on whether young actress Brooklyn Rae Silzer will be staying on the soap after Thompson leaves, but Celebrity Dirty Laundry said that Emma ends up coming back with her grandmother while her parents and granddad leave. Fans certainly hope this is true. As for Jerry, viewers will have to wait and see if he escapes with his life, or if the Scorpios take him out once and for all.

Are you happy to see Jerry Jacks back on General Hospital?

[Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images]